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How PSOhub Saves You Money: The Real Deal


PSOhub was created as an all-in-one project management solution, meaning you can get everything you need to manage your projects from one source.

Because PSOhub acts like an actual ‘hub’ (hence the name), it can both integrate with other solutions you can’t live without, as well as provide you with 360 degree control of your projects. To date, there is not another solution on the market to use 360 Degree Project Management, a methodology PSOhub invented themselves...

"The end game here is obviously productivity, but PSOhub is quietly saving small businesses major cash. Especially CRM users."

Check out this scenario that details just 3 ways PSOhub can save you money. It’s actually a conservative estimate, so you can see exactly what the hard numbers look like, without the hype.

Here’s the scenario:

Let’s say you are a HubSpot or Salesforce agency with a total of 9 team members. Because holistic project management entails various moving parts, you’ve employed some popular software to help. To track time across your projects and team members, you use Toggl. Toggl is an easy-to-use time tracker that costs just under $20 per user, per month (billed annually).

Not breaking the bank...yet.

Then, you’ve got your task management. Task management is not the same thing as project management, regardless of what Asana’s ads say. Instead, task management specifically manages the sharing of information around tasks related to projects. Since Asana works for all kinds of industries, you get the premium licenses for your team. That’s $10.99/user/month, billed annually.

Again, not too pricey.

Now, you obviously need a solution to manage your contracts. The project management cycle begins and ends with the contract, so it’s not an area you want to skimp on. So, you begin with PandaDoc Essentials, putting you at $19/user/month. But in order to integrate PandaDoc with HubSpot, you had to upgrade to the Business Plan, which now sets you back $49/user/month.

We’re not done yet.

We have to account for invoicing and time and expense. Sure, you’re using Toggl and other software, but at this point, your team is still going to spend some time creating and sending invoices and putting in their expenses. Let’s say that each team member spends 1.5 hours a month on this kind of admin work. For argument’s sake, let’s say everyone across the board is making $20/hour. Now, we are at $30/team member/month.

Monthly spend on project management ‘solutions’

When we put all these numbers together, here’s what your monthly bill looks like for a team of 9:

Toggl time tracking for 9: $162.00

Asana task management for 9: $98.91

PandaDoc Business Plan: $441.00

Manual invoicing + expenses (admin): $270.00


3 Ways PSOhub Saves You Money

What if you could literally eliminate all the above monthly costs? Sounds crazy, right?

How can you possibly get everything you need to manage your projects without all this different software?

The answer is an all-in-one, self-driving solution. That’s exactly what PSOhub is. 

PSOhub has a native HubSpot integration, plus a Salesforce integration, so you’ll save a lot of time and sweat not worrying about your customer data, migration, security, etc.

But the best part is, you can save major cash! This is a tangible result, not a lofty claim. Here are the 3 ways that PSOhub can DRASTICALLY lower that $1k per month cost for our hypothetical team of 9. And for your business, too.

1) Ditch siloed solutions

If your business starts using PSOhub, you can get rid of Toggl. PSOhub’s self-driving time tracking is perhaps the most elite time tracker on the market, and it makes tracking time ridiculously seamless and quick with AI.

Asana and PandaDoc are now obsolete as well. PSOhub’s task management has pretty much the same functionality as Asana and will now be able to ‘talk’ to HubSpot, your contracts, your budgets, everything. Speaking of contracts, PSOhub’s platform offers self-learning contract management that will alert you when you’re in danger of going over budget, so no need for PandaDoc. Say goodbye to those licenses.

We’re not finished yet, but we’ve already consolidated the tech stack by eliminating 3 solutions!

2) Automate administrative tasks like invoicing

Now that your team has PSOhub, no one needs to worry about invoicing again. Time and expense is also infinitely easier, and by leveraging automation, your team won’t waste time doing this menial work. Instead, the creatives can get back to creating and sales can get back to selling, etc.

In our scenario, we put 9 team members doing 1.5 hours of admin work per month, which is a low-ball estimate. And of course, we put a flat rate of $20/hour for the sake of arguing with cold, hard numbers.

The reality is that your team is probably doing more than 1.5 hours of admin work per month. And you probably pay at least one person more than $20/hour.

So, saving $270 per month on admin for a team of 9 is a highly conservative estimate. But it’s good news! This means PSOhub will save you even more…

3) Up your productivity game

Finally, while productivity can be difficult to measure, it’s the name of the game for PSOhub users. By maintaining more visibility into the project cycle, managers can focus their energy where it’s truly needed. Smart dashboards with powerful analytics inform decisions in real time, and everyone across the board can grasp where the project stands.

For team members and consultants, less time (if any) is now spent on boring admin tasks like invoicing. Plus, with self-driving time tracking, they’re incentivized to work smarter, not harder.

And everyone in your organization will now benefit from a consolidated tech stack. No more excel spreadsheets. No more bouncing across a million platforms. Our brains are designed for monotasking, not multitasking, and PSOhub greatly reduces the latter.

The end result is increased visibility, increased focus, and happy brains. PSOhub isn’t just project management software, it’s a bonafide productivity hack!

How Much PSOhub Can Save You Per Month: THE END TOTAL

In our scenario, the HubSpot agency with 9 team members has now adopted PSOhub. That makes the new monthly total for project management solutions look like this:

Toggl time tracking for 9: $162.00

Asana task management for 9: $98.91

PandaDoc Business Plan: $441.00

Manual invoicing + expenses (admin): $270.00

PSOhub Rise Plan ($16.50/user/month): $149.50

NEW TOTAL: $149.50



The numbers speak for themselves… And this doesn’t even include the money you will save from the amplified productivity that PSOhub promotes! If you want to empower your business and cut your monthly spending, try out the platform. You can get started for FREE!

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