Resource Management

Real-time resource allocation tools

Do your team members have enough on their plate or is there still some room for extra work? PSOhub helps you track your team's available capacity and enables you to manage the workload effectively.

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Resource Management features

Resource planning

See available capacity at a glance with visual workload bars, and get the most complete overview of project hours booked for each team member.

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Project calculation

The calculation sheet gives your sales team a chance to work with project managers to create more accurate quotes and better manage margins even before kickoff. Prevent over-promising time and resources that are sure to send your projects off the rails.


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Resource allocation

Are you allocating the right resources to your projects? See which projects team members are contributing to the most - all the way down to specific roles, rates, and time. 


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Project workload

Manage your project activities and resources from a single view. Introduce a more agile approach to project management with the flexibility to add new lines as you go.

Self driving time tracking

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Task assignment

Never leave your team underwater again. Assign tasks to only those with available capacity.


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Team utilization

Monitor your team's monthly utilization in a convenient dashboard.

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Project backlog

Instead of making a mental note, move open tasks to the project backlog and assign them to team members only when capacity comes available.


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Resource Management by PSOhub
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Understand people, projects, and capacity

Take the guessing out of resource allocation. Manage your team's available capacity based on real-time insights, and get a grip on what work is actually ahead. 

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Optimize resources and increase profitability

Project managers need data at a glance. That's where intuitive dashboards and workload bars come in. Keep your project budgets and utilization targets on track.

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Introduce value-based project management

Successful projects start with a complete overview of budgets, capacity, and resources. Assign the right team members based on roles, availability, and activities...

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