Task Management

Smart project and task management

Prioritizing, delegating, and reporting on your projects just got easier. Track and manage team activities in PSOhub with task boards.  

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Task Management Features

Task board

Use familiar kanban boards to create and manage tasks that advance your agile approach directly within PSOhub's project management tools.

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Task creation

Divide each project activity into smaller tasks and assign them to your team, set priorities, and track progress. 


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Team collaboration

Distributed teams stay productive with online task management in PSOhub. Improve team collaboration by sharing files, comments, and progress in one integrated tool.  


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Project templates

Project managers can set up projects in no time by using out-of-the-box task board templates or creating new task board templates from your most successful projects.

Self driving time tracking

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Project planning

Prioritize tasks and create a project schedule using the Gantt chart. Share these visual timelines with clients to keep everyone on track.


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Resource management

Get an accurate view of each team member's workload in order to manage resources and assign tasks efficiently.

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Milestone billing

With PSOhub's integrated project management and billing tools, you can set up project milestones - whether one-off or recurring - that automatically trigger an invoice. 


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Dashboards and reporting

Real-time lists and reports in PSOhub provide managers and owners with the most comprehensive overview of all your projects.


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Task Management by PSOhub.
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Manage projects in organized task list

Planning activities and tracking progress to a project's completion can seem cumbersome. But breaking down your project into organized tasks lists enables teams to properly manage their workload and get stuff done faster. 

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Stay agile with Kanban boards and task views

Visualize your project with easy-to-use task boards in PSOhub. Cards represent tasks and customized columns can track a project's progress, allowing teams to successfully plan and execute projects in one seamless experience.


Improve multitasking and team collaboration

Working together can be a real challenge, especially when multiple team members are working on multiple projects. A task management tool can significantly improve team collaboration


Track time efficiently and automate invoices

PSOhub takes care of the messiness of tracking time by enabling users to automatically track time on tasks which can then trigger the invoicing process - so nothing, not even time, can slip through the cracks.

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Improve resource planning accuracy

Maximize efficiency with a team availability dashboard and by allocating your resources accordingly. Predictable growth is finally within reach since you'll always be in control of your workforce.

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