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About us

At PSOhub, our mission is to be the global leader in thoughtful, self-driving professional services automation. With 30+ years of experience in building PSA Software, we're dedicated to delivering solutions that take care of repetitive and time-consuming administrative tasks, empowering small business teams to achieve their ambitions and work smarter. 

Our history

As the owners of a professional services organization, we experienced a struggle that's familiar to many PSOs. We loved using HubSpot for sales and marketing, but hated having to switch between platforms for project management, time tracking, contracts, and invoicing. Repetitive data entry was a drag, knowledge gaps were an ongoing problem, and the integrations we used never worked as well as they promised. 

That's why we created PSOhub. Founded in April 2020, PSOhub Software B.V. is committed to creating innovative, convenient, AI-driven solutions for the professional services industry. 

PSOhub's Clubhouse

Just outside of Amsterdam, in the middle of the woods, we have a fantastic clubhouse. Once a month, all our colleagues from all over the world meet here. We believe in remote working as we have customers all over the world. 

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Our 5 core values


UX is everything

Pursuit of the best-in-class All-in-One Project Management UX ever.



Dedicated to excel in collaboration.


Focus on users

We are 110% focused on our users, to empower them to achieve more.



Know and do what is right.


Achieve excellence

Achieving excellence in everything we do.

Our mission

To be the worldwide leading​ All-in-One Project Management Solution, dedicated ​to empower businesses to excel in their ambitions.​

What drives us

Innovative technology

We're using the latest tools to help HubSpot users grow their businesses. We want you to be amazed by our tech.


If it doesn't make your life easier, we don't do it. That's why we're so focused on smart, self-driving solutions.

Big dreams

Where we are now is just the beginning. We're chasing some big dreams to help businesses work smarter.

Our management team

Interview with our founder

The story behind PSOhub

The technology today is giving us the opportunity as a technology company to leverage AI, to leverage self-driving capabilities of platforms and combine that all in a fantastic solution for the professional services market. Curious? 

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“Being smart, self-driving, and efficient are things that are key for those businesses to be profitable."

Martijn van der Hoeden

martijn van der hoeden_klein

Frequently asked questions

What is PSA Software?

The "PSA" stands for Professional Services Automation. PSA software helps service companies improve efficiency, increase profitability, and boost growth. This is achieved through features like project management, contract management, time and expense tracking, and invoicing, plus integrations with CRM systems and accounting software. 

Companies that benefit from PSA software include:

- Marketing & Advertisement agencies
- Software, High-Tech and IT services companies
- (Management) Consulting firms
- Financial Services and Accounting firms
- Architects and Engineers

I don't use HubSpot, can I use PSOhub with another CRM?

Yes, we created out-of-the-box solutions for other CRM systems. Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics are currently launched and Pipedrive is on our product roadmap.

If you can't wait, feel free to use our API and create the integration yourself. Send us an e-mail for more details: hello@psohub.com

I don't have a CRM, can I still use PSOhub?

Sure, you can start using PSOhub without a CRM integration! You'll still be able to create projects, manage contracts, track your time, and bill your clients. Try our free version today!

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