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360° Project Management: The PSOhub Vision


For teams working from home around the world, efficient project management has never been so important. But as our CEO Martijn van der Hoeden touched on in our previous post about defining project management, many companies are missing the mark.

That’s largely because the terms project management and task management have become synonymous in the public consciousness.

And this is a bit dangerous for efficiency, especially for small and medium businesses. 

To optimize your project management and maintain efficiency and cohesion with your team, taking a more holistic approach will save eons of time, energy, and of course, cold-hard cash...

Enter 360° Project Management.

This is PSOhub’s innovative project management philosophy that’s embedded into the platform and everything we do. Discover how 360° Project Management can empower any organization with visibility, functionality, and key integrations.

What is 360° Project Management?

Truly comprehensive project management means visibility and actionable insights into the MOTIQ of an organization --







PSOhub solves the MOTIQ equation by offering a 360°Project Management tool that lets you see everything around you at any given time.

Want a good metaphor? The panopticon is a particularly useful trope to imagine the PSOhub vision. A panopticon is a strategic surveillance design wherein the central observer can see all points around the structure. It’s the most efficient way to see everything around you from one central place. 

By using PSOhub as a central ‘hub’ for project management, users can maintain visibility into all facets of the process, from deal won to deliverables and all the moving parts in between. Here’s how it works…

How 360° Project Management Works

Let’s start by thinking about 360° Project Management at a high level. The two defining characteristics of 360° Project Management that set the methodology apart from others are:

  • Supreme visibility (remember the panopticon)
  • Closed loop/continuous cycle


That is, this approach to project management means that at any time, you can see what’s happening in any area of the project, be it invoicing, budgeting, time entry, and more. Plus, 360° Project Management is unique in that it provides a closed loop for your projects, protecting you from those costly siloed solutions like Excel spreadsheets.

Remember, the closed loop in 360° Project Management and the visibility that goes along with it are in place to manage MOTIQ, or each principle of a holistic project management vision.

Here’s how the closed loop in PSOhub works:

  1. When you close a deal, you then set up your project with a contract and a budget where you put in financial boundaries. (MONEY)
  2. Then, you set up team members, rates, who is responsible for what, and deliverables. (ORGANIZATION aka Task Management)
  3. Set up your Project Task Board (via a task board template based on contract template- optional).
  4. Start TIME Tracking (also optional by task).
  5. Manage your Project and create your Invoices.
  6. Share INFORMATION around your project and impact QUALITY with PSOhub’s new task management solution and client portal.**

**These PSOhub features are coming November 2020!

The continuous circle or cycle that’s happening is why we call this innovative PSOhub vision 360°Project Management. PSOhub CEO Martijn van der Hoeden claims this is the core functionality of PSOhub -- 

“360° Project Management is what sets us apart and will save a lot of inefficiency and license costs, that people spent on all kinds of siloed solutions”

And when it comes to integrations, you can pick and choose. That’s also a big part of having a truly holistic, 360-degree solution to manage your projects. When you start using PSOhub, you may quickly realize that other platforms are superfluous. For example, you of course will want to integrate with your CRM and your financial backend, but other solutions for managing contracts, budgets, time, and tasks may fall to the wayside.

That’s a good thing!

New PSOhub features to support 360° Project Management

Finally, to be the true panopticon of the PSA software space, we had to add a few things to make PSOhub even more predictive, self-driving, and powerful. The launch of the game-changing task management solution (small businesses, this will save you MAJOR cash), client portal, and resource management are just a few examples! 

PSOhub's Task Management board

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