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Your HubSpot clients need you.

Work smarter, not harder with PSOhub

We believe that businesses will truly benefit (and grow) once they start using software that seamlessly integrates with HubSpot.

Join our ecosystem of HubSpot enthusiasts, specialists, and architects! Increase your HubSpot-footprint, expand your service offerings, and provide the missing link between Sales and Service. 

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PSOhub Partner Program

Annual Monthly




Interested in earning a referral fee, but not ready for a partnership? Apply to become a referral provider.
  • 10% referral fee (limited) Increase your revenue through 10% commission for a limited period of one year
      • Demo Support Get our support to give the best demo's to your prospects.
        • No PSOhub license included Using PSOhub is not mandatory.


$ 1800

$ 150*

Interested in setting up PSOhub for your clients and a referral fee, but not ready for a platinum, partnership?
  • 15% referral fee (limited) Increase your revenue through 15% commission for a limited period of one year.
        • Demo Support Get support to give the best demo's to your prospects.
            • No PSOhub license included Using PSOhub is not mandatory.
  • Website listing et trained by our team to help you get certified. There’s a two-person minimum required for this certification.
  • Basic training Get training from our team to get your PSOhub certificate. A minimum of 2 is mandatory.
  • Sandbox with 10 users Get your own demo environment with 10 users.
Billed annually


$ 4200

$ 350*

Increase your revenue through referral commissions and extra implementation services.
  • 20% referral fee (unlimited)>Increase your revenue through a 20% commission for an unlimited period of time (as long as you're a partner).
        • Advanced Demo SupportGet advanced support to give the best demo's to your prospects.
            • 10 PSOhub Licenses included (up to $6000 value) You have access to the Enterprise Plan. For additional users, you get a 20% discount.
  • Partner Insight AccessGet insight in our Roadmap.
  • Website ListingGet listed on our website.
  • Advanced Training Get trained by our team to help you get certified.  Furthermore, you will get personal Sales training.
  • Sandbox with 25 users Get access to your own demo environment.
Billed Annually

Is your organization a good fit?

The Partner Program is designed for marketing agencies that want to use the best technology to optimize a business’ "funnel to cash" process. It’s a good fit if your agency:

Provides consulting on integrating project management, contract management, time and expense tracking and invoicing in HubSpot.
Provides tech implementation that handles systems integrations and platform setup for HubSpot users.
Provides hands-on services in optimizing a clients’ services company. 

PSOhub Partners

Frequently asked questions

Are there any requirements to joining?

You must be a verified HubSpot Solutions Partner, findable within the Partner Directory, to join.

Additionally, we require that you certify at least two team members in order to begin implementing PSOhub for clients. We also ask you to place a PSOhub referral on your website and attend PSOhub Inner Circle webinars at least three times per year. 

What are the benefits of being a PSOhub Partner?

PSOhub Partners get access to our Expansion Plan and all of its included functionalities at 20% of the yearly cost. Partners also benefit from upsell opportunities offering implementation services.

When will my organization be ready to service clients?

Our team is able to onboard your agency to PSOhub in a one day workshop!

After that, we expect partners to be fully trained and ready to implement PSOhub for clients within 2-4 weeks of joining. 

We offer ongoing setup and support services to all partners. 

Can we start with a pilot?

Absolutely! Before becoming a partner we can set up a pilot period of three months. During this pilot period, you can start using PSOhub Expansion Plan for free. 

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