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PSOhub Onboarding Services

From onboarding to full implementation, our team of experts is here to support and guide you; providing you with best practices and ensuring that you get the most out of PSOhub!

Our proven methodology will assist you every step of the way and from the get-go with: Personal Tour, QuickSetup and the Fast Track Program

In addition to our onboarding services and standard support, we also offer Premium support and a Hours package.


How we get you started for free with PSOhub


1. Personal Tour

Free Personal tour during your trial

Our PSOhub Advisors give you a personal tour directly when you sign up for a free trial. In this tour, they will provide you with a one-on-one demo based on your company's needs. They touch all modules of PSOhub and are there to answer your questions.  


2. QuickSetup

Free QuickSetup session during your trial

Designed to get you started, the QuickSetup session will give you a full hour with one of our experts who will help you start configuring your own PSOhub environment as well as give you expert advice on how to best leverage the solution within your organization. This session is free of charge and is only available at the trial stage of your subscription.


3. Fast Track Program

Free after signing up for a paid subscription

The fast track program consists of one to three sessions (depending on your license plan) of one hour each with your dedicated customer success manager who will help you set up the configuration of your own PSOhub environment as well as guide you through the implementation of the solution according to the PSOhub methodology.

The fast track program is free of charge and is the natural step following the QuickSetup session. It is only available once you have subscribed to PSOhub.

The Fast Track Method

Fast Track Session 1

Session 1: Mapping

In this session, we review your business processes, give you expert advice on how to best leverage the solution within your organization, and help you with the configuration of your own PSOhub environment. By the end of the first session, you will have a basic configuration of your PSOhub system setup.

Fast Track Session 2

Session 2: Validation

Next, your customer success manager will validate the work done to finalize your configuration and will help you create your first project. You'll also take a look at tasks, time and expense entry as well as invoicing.

Fast Track Session 3

Session 3: Live

We will recap your Fast Track set-up in this final session as well as answer any questions you might have had between Session 2 and Session 3. Additionally, we will focus on more advanced PSOhub functionality (based on your organization) such as resource management, predictive analysis, and Odata reporting

Ongoing Support

“Great support, they understand my needs and support with help immediately when I need it.”

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Standard Support

Our support team, highly skilled and with real people(!), is available to answer any questions or problems you might have. And our extensive library of articles and videos is at your disposal whenever you need it.

More info on PSOhub's support >


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Premium Support

Want the VIP-experience for support? For those clients we offer a premium support package.

More info on premium support >


Hours package

Because sometimes you need a little more support, we offer two packages of hours that you can purchase in addition to the QuickSetup and Fast Track program:  

Hour Pack | 3 hours | $675,00
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Hour Pack | 6 hours | $1350,00
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