Project Tracking

Track, scope, and budget your projects easily

With handy visualizations, at-a-glance dashboards, and seamless CRM and invoicing integrations, PSOhub helps you keep projects on-budget, on-time, and on your radar. 


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"PSO Hub provides our team with a great way to collaborate and keep tabs on existing projects, while being able to plan ahead for our clients."


Project Tracking features


Automated project setup

After you close a deal in CRM, set up a project in PSOhub in just one click with our intuitive self-driving setup flow.


Calculation sheet

Manage the handoff from sales to project management by using PSOhub's calculation sheets to estimate the project budget.


Project task board

Use familiar Kanban boards to create and manage tasks and advance your agile approach directly within PSOhub's project management tools.


Project planning

Set and prioritize goals, define deliverables, and create a project schedule Gantt chart in PSOhub. Or, integrate PSOhub with your existing project management software with our comprehensive API.


Project status tracking & Alerts

PSOhub gives you a crystal-clear overview of all your projects at a glance and lets you set up alerts for hitting certain project milestones or going over budget to ensure none of your projects get off-track.


Dashboards and reporting

What can you learn from successful (and less successful) projects? PSOhub uses powerful reporting to give you the insights you need to optimize your business.

Project Tracking by PSOhub.
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Break down the wall between sales and project management

A single click is enough to create a project from HubSpot without losing any relevant information from sales. Sales teams can easily track project progress to stay informed.  


Keep an eye on all your projects

Alerts and intuitive dashboards let you make sure none of your projects get out of hand, even if you only have a minute to check-in. PSOhub delivers 360-degree Project Management through actionable insights. 


Easily manage your tasks

Get full visibility of your project by planning, tracking, and optimizing the workload from beginning to end. Assign activities, set end dates, prioritize the workload, and track time; all through a clear overview. 


Manage and prioritize your resources

Improve project success by setting up a clear, simple project plan. Gantt charts in PSOhub help you prioritize resources through a visual representation of the work that needs to be done. 

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