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    "PSO Hub has allowed us to effectively track our project, set times for tasks to be completed, and track the time spent doing tasks. We can invite customers to our portal so they can track the progress of the project, and also have tasks assigned for themselves with target dates, etc. We struggled before to keep track of all of the tasks for each individual projects and to hit specified timelines, now we can do so, and our colleagues have visibility of them too so they can pick up in our absence"
    Jake H.
    Telecommunications Engineer | Small-Business(50 or fewer emp.)
    "The controls are axiomatic and easy to explain to new users, and there are multiple functions for advanced users to work with to unlock greater functionality from the data being collected. The primary purpose of using PSOhub with my group is a cloud-based hours and expense system. It is surprisingly difficult to find programming that is able to handle as many variables (roles, rates, multiple clients/projects, cloud-based, invoicing) as PSO hub is able to handle."
    Chris B.
    Mid-Market(51-1000 emp.)
    "PSOHub is easy to use tool to manage project tasks. I appreciate how quickly the tool is updated on an ongoing basis to cater to expanding customer demands... Keep track of project activities to ensure smooth project completion through PSOHub."
    Chriag T.
    Senior Business Analyst | Small-Business(50 or fewer emp.)
    "Great tool! Much better visibility on projects, easy invoicing, and saving admin time. I like very much the multiple options for time entry and mostly time tracking with GPS + the Outlook retrieval of my appointments in the timesheet calendar. I also find the budget alerts great - it allows me to know sooner than later what is going on. The fact that invoicing is connected to QuickBooks is definitely a PLUS - saves a lot of time."
    Founder and Interior Designer | Small Business (50 or fewer emp.)
    "PSOHUB combines all the different software we were using in one place. It helps us to create more clear guidelines for the whole team using checklists, assigning hours to different tasks, having clear budgets for projects with reminders for when the amount of hours gets exceeded, and automatic quotes for our convenience. Especially the checklists that we created in advance are very useful. We can assign these checklists to various projects, so there is a clear structure for the whole team. You can add priority flags to important milestones, and add extra checklists and files to separate tasks from the checklist. That way, no important steps are forgotten!"
    Laura W.
    Small-Business(50 or fewer emp.)
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