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Wendt Partners

Wendt Partners offers tailored solutions for companies across the B2B marketplace. They focus on sustainable growth and on the four cornerstones of growth: a set of core concepts that guide every aspect of their work and help their clients build a growth program that will work for the long term.

Wendt Partners is based in New York City, US.

Heuvel Marketing Logo

Heuvel Marketing

Heuvel Marketing was one of the first HubSpot Resellers in Europe. In 2020, while celebrating their 10 year HubSpot partner anniversary, they became is a HubSpot Diamond Solutions Partner. During the past decade they successfully performed more than 100 HubSpot implementations.

Furthermore, Heuvel Marketing delivers core marketing and content creation services. Whether an organization needs help with strategy, content generation and design, web development or setting up campaigns; Heuvel Marketing helps them achieve HubSpot success every time. Clients praise the company for the pleasant and professional collaboration.

Heuvel Marketing is based in Nijmegen, NL.


Angelfish Marketing

As HubSpot Platinum Partner, Angelfish helps marketing professionals and entrepreneurs grow with innovative digital marketing solutions. Angelfish are inbound marketing experts who help their clients build real relationships with their customers through engaging and informative content. By aligning their client's business goals with their innovative and effective digital marketing strategies, they'll take your marketing to the next level.

Angelfish is based in Cheltenham, UK.

vanessa hunt consultig (1)

Vanessa Hunt Consulting

Vanessa Hunt Consulting helps its clients to achieve the sales and marketing results they want. They help them to develop more focused, rewarding relationships with their customers.

They believe that with the right Marketing Automation, CRM, and/or ERP solution, their clients can attract more customers and provide excellent service to their existing customers.

Vanessa Hunt Consulting is based in Watford, UK.

OUT TASK logo Transprent

Out Task

With decades of collective experience in IT, Out Task provides companies with the technical support, expertise, and products and services they need to be productive and proactive - helping them work smarter, with more security, and with greater efficiency.

Out Task is based in San Francisco, USA.



Lab701 - Online Marketing

This HubSpot Solutions Partner is a star when it comes to inbound marketing and online media. Correct use of Inbound Marketing in combination with online media will yield more leads, more sales, more growth and higher turnover; that's Lab701's motto! When companies want to grow, we help organisations to implement inbound marketing to achieve their (online) marketing and sales goals. Despite the focus on law firms, civil-law notaries, accountancy and insurance Lab701 also operates in other businesses

Lab701 is based in Den Bosch, NL.


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