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Listen to what Nancy Riley, GM & VP of Product, Ecosystem Product at HubSpot has to say about PSOhub's Project Management solution.

Align sales and project management.

Align sales and project management in HubSpot.

Automate the handoff between sales and project management teams, preserving important information from the deal record and providing visibility to those who need it. 

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Create cross-platform visibility.

View important project and invoice information from PSOhub right in the HubSpot activity feed, and carry over important details from HubSpot into PSOhub.

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Integrate your accounting software.

Integrate your accounting software.

PSOhub acts as a link between HubSpot and your preferred accounting solution, helping you manage payments, invoices, and more. 

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Time Tracking for HubSpot users

Boost your HubSpot-ecosystem through time trackers, automated calendar integrations, a Chrome Browser extension, GPS tracking, and a smart mobile app. Simply never miss a billable hour again! PSOhub enables you to create accurate timesheets without lifting a finger.

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Experience the #1 HubSpot PSA integration.

Set up contracts, manage your projects, track your time, bill clients, and more! HubSpot users love PSOhub for it's automation and predictive analysis capabilities.

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Manage all your HubSpot projects easier and improve collaboration, planning, and budget management.

check icon Task Management

Delegate, prioritize, and report on your projects through task boards built for HubSpot users.

check icon Time tracking

Timers, calendar integrations, and a mobile app. These are just some of the examples of self-driving time tracking features that will make your life as a HubSpot user easier.

check icon Invoicing

Would your HubSpot users like to see invoices that have been sent to a client? Send personalized invoices, both automatic or manual, and have them appear in your HubSpot activity feed.

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