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Project Management software that integrates seamlessly with Salesforce

Get even more out of your Salesforce ecosystem by automating your business from funnel to cash. PSOhub picks up where Salesforce leaves off. Extend your workflows and cut admin time!

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All-in-One Project Management in Salesforce

Set up contracts, manage your projects, track your time, bill clients, and more! Salesforce users love PSOhub for it's automation and predictive analysis capabilities.



Finally, All-in-One Project Management software for SMBs using Saleforce

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Break down project management silos

Preserve information related to an opportunity and provide a clear overview to those who need it. By integrating the handoff between sales and project management, precious time can be saved.

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Cross-platform visibility is now within reach

Project information syncs with the Salesforce activity timeline thanks to the two-way integration with PSOhub. This enables your team to always be up-to-date on a project's status, progress, and invoice details.

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Accounting software integration

Easily manage payment reminders, credits, and more by connecting PSOhub to Salesforce and your preferred accounting solution.

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