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PSA Software, Productivity Hacks & More: An interview with PSOhub Development Lead Jarno Koopman


PSOhub’s PSA software makes admin and project management easier, painless, and less time-consuming. The all-in-one project management solution leverages AI, self-driving timesheets, smart contracts, and more to automate and streamline those tasks you don’t want to spend time on, but can’t afford to ignore... 

PSOhub’s software is all about making team members and managers/owners more efficient, so they can put more energy toward work that wins and keeps clients.

As PSOhub CEO Martijn van der Hoeden puts it:

"We take out the administrative time drain as a professional, so you can focus on your ambition as an architect or your ambition as a developer, a marketer, a writer, etc. That’s what we want to help you with."

PSOhub now has users in over 70 countries and integrates seamlessly with the world’s most popular CRMs. Since the project management software launched in 2020, PSOhub has continued to invest in development, doubling their features in a matter of one year. Many of the current features PSOhub users enjoy now were once customer requests or ideas originally conceived by Martijn and PSOhub Software Development Lead, Jarno Koopman.

I sat down with Jarno to talk about the exciting progress the platform has made (due in part to Jarno's design development and execution) and what it’s like to work for a software solution that’s the first of its kind.


What have you been up to this year at PSOhub?

Jarno: It’s been an exciting year, mainly because this is the first time I’ve ever joined a company that were the only developers/first for everything technical. So that was something new, but that was something I chose to do because I knew that was the case. And that was of course the challenge: How would it go? How would it work out?

I knew that with Martijn, Julie and René, we had four people that are very experienced. It’s not some sort of student startup with some guys from college who have an idea and want to try it out… But it was cool to see, how do you start a company? How do you start something for the first time?

What challenges did you face when PSOhub first launched v1 of the PSA software in 2020?

Launching for the very first time, the very first people signing up, and the very first things going wrong…

[Jarno then tells a story about a PSOhub user who had a problem around 11pm on New Year’s Eve, which he responded to and resolved promptly.]

That glitch never happened before and never happened after that. That’s part of the job. People started doing things we never thought of, using functions in ways we didn’t imagine, and then things can happen, things can go wrong, which you never want, but you cannot prevent that.

What’s it like to work as the Development Lead for PSOhub?

I have total freedom and that really suits me. I’m not someone that really works well with six people telling me to do this and that and also the way to do it. That’s not something that suits me. That’s the same for everyone I work with here at PSOhub. That amount of freedom has its responsibility: If I mess up, that’s my mistake. It’s my fault. But that’s something I’m not concerned about. If something goes wrong, I’m not afraid to say, I messed up, I should have done better.

Jarno, at work

How does your role at PSOhub empower your creative side?

Now I can think of things, and I can present them and actually make it happen. If you are a creative person and you really like to make those creations in your application, PSOhub is the perfect place for that.

Listen to your people. Listen to your employees. It’s always good to listen like we do here now; it can really add value to your software and your company.

Why has PSOhub doubled in features within the past year?

To provide more value. But the more you build, the more complex it becomes. That’s why we wanted a simple application design because customers keep asking for stuff. So, we’ve just kept developing and kept getting people on board.

What was the most exciting thing for you professionally this year?

The biggest change, the most exciting change was with us going with the 360 Degree Project Management vision change because it was a total change from where we started. We now have a new vision, and we need to connect to that vision.

Originally, we thought, no, we’re not going to do that. We’re not going to do task management; we’re going to be a platform that connects with the competition.

[Then, customers kept asking for task management. Jarno consequently had to maintain agility in his designs.]

You have to be flexible with a new company. I really think that’s important. It’s a startup. It’s not just developing an application; it’s also interaction with your customers, providing support, technical support. There are customers from all around the world, so it can happen that at the end of the day, something pops up. And if it's urgent, it can be 11:00 at night when you have to solve it.

What solutions does PSOhub replace for most customers?

Asana, Monday, ClickUp: Many people come to those solutions first sometimes because they’re fairly aggressive with their marketing. Everyone wants task management.

Why did PSOhub develop a Resource Management tool?

Resource management is our latest big feature, the most-asked question. People were really asking for it: assigning tasks to workloads, etc. These are my resources; these are the people that still have capacity. You can see the workloads by month and overviews of all your projects, like how much money each month, if people are overbooked, if people are underperforming. You can see it all. By providing resource management, I think we’re really nearing that total vision of having everything people would need for project management.

What are your productivity tricks?

My main power is that I can think really fast. I’m one of those guys that never really designs something. If I start developing in my head, then I already know how it’s going to look, what I need, how I can develop something.

Talk about the flexibility you helped build into the PSOhub software environment.

We thought, “How can we make it work for as many people as possible and make it clean for as many people as possible?” [For example] PSOhub invoicing is fully flexible- people can just fill in the names themselves. People who want to can configure it by using our videos and articles to do it themselves. And if people really get stuck, I’m here to help them out. With PSOhub, you can keep your projects as clean as possible.

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