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A Better HubSpot QuickBooks Integration for Invoicing


If you’re one of the millions of QuickBooks users and your team also relies on HubSpot for your CRM needs, it makes sense to integrate the two platforms.

But here’s the thing:

The basic HubSpot + QuickBooks integration will only help you out on invoicing BEFORE the deal is won. 

If you want QuickBooks to be able to integrate with HubSpot AND your project invoicing, you’ll have to get a solution that provides a 2-way integration with both.

Here’s how a HubSpot Quickbooks integration for invoicing can help you and your team save money, earn more, and become more efficient than ever.

Integrating HubSpot with Quickbooks

How it works:
You use HubSpot to manage your sales and close deals. You use QuickBooks to manage your financial backend. Is a HubSpot Quickbooks integration enough at this point to handle your invoicing? 

In short, no. 

The basic HubSpot Quickbooks integration can only send invoices from the deal record. Anything and everything that you need to invoice after that is not covered.

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Also, there are a couple of major limitations with just integrating the two platforms:

  • If an invoice in QuickBooks provides a different currency than the HubSpot account’s currency, HubSpot cannot sync the invoice data from Quickbooks to the deal properties. This can lead to issues with HubSpot agencies that serve clients around the world.
  • Only invoices created in the HubSpot environment will be automatically visible to users. To view invoices created in Quickbooks, they must be added to HubSpot. This leaves room for manual error and plus, you’re wasting time having someone add in all those invoices.

Integrating HubSpot + QuickBooks + PSOhub for project management

How it works:

You use HubSpot to manage your sales and close deals. You use QuickBooks to manage your financial backend. You use PSOhub for project management. Because PSOhub integrates with both HubSpot and Quickbooks, you can overcome the previous problems and more from the more basic HubSpot Quickbooks integration. So, is this enough at this point to handle your HubSpot invoicing?

Yes! If you combine PSOhub with HubSpot and QuickBooks, you have all you need to manage and automate your invoicing. That goes from before the deal is won in HubSpot all the way to project completion.  

Benefits of Using HubSpot, QuickBooks & PSOhub Together 

  • Automate your invoicing - Use PSOhub to automate your invoicing, which will help you get paid on time and accurately. Every time. No more invoices floating in space.
  • Automate your time tracking - If you want, your team won’t even have to create invoices anymore for their time! PSOhub has robust time tracking, including the uber-popular self-driving time tracking for even more automation.
  • Spend less time on admin - You and your creative team are not using your time valuably when you’re doing menial admin. The powerful combo of HubSpot and PSOhub (an official HubSpot partner) can help everyone spend less time on invoicing and other admin related to project management.
  • Save $$$ on your tech stack - Because of the awesome functionality of both HubSpot and PSOhub, you won’t have to pay for as many outside licenses to help manage your invoicing and your projects. And with QuickBooks automatically ‘talking’ to both platforms as the financial backend, your bases are covered.

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Get more bang for your buck from your tech stack.

These days, small HubSpot agencies are known for using a wide range of solutions to manage their projects. But if you integrate HubSpot with QuickBooks and PSOhub, these three platforms can take you very far without going to other solutions for invoicing and project management.