7 Must-Have Integrations to Supercharge your HubSpot ROI

HubSpot is pretty great out of the box, but these 7 integrations will make it even better.


What’s the value of HubSpot?

HubSpot is a suite of powerful inbound marketing, sales, and support tools that help businesses reach new audiences, drive conversions, and enhance customer experiences.

One of the most valuable things about HubSpot is that it’s centralized. With your CRM, marketing automation, and support software all living within the same platform, you can break down data silos and improve workflows for your teams.

That’s why integrations are such an important part of the HubSpot experience. They allow you to extend that centralized platform to reach other teams and other parts of your business. 

HubSpot is pretty powerful right out of the box. But it’s only when you start supercharging your HubSpot ROI by adding integrations that its full potential can be reached.


What’s a HubSpot integration (and why do they matter)?

HubSpot can connect with many different applications in order to streamline workflows, sync data, improve reporting, and much more. Leveraging these connections with HubSpot can help you increase efficiency and enhance overall business performance. 




Streamline processes

Fewer logins to disparate systems. Less manual data entry. Fewer missed opportunities.


Break down data silos

Access and analyze data from across your business for deeper insights and stronger relationships.


Manage operations

Kickstart transparency between teams for seamless communication and project management.

Where do I start with HubSpot integrations?

To get an idea of the full scope of what HubSpot offers, explore the HubSpot App Marketplace. There you’ll find hundreds of integrations, and you can check to see if HubSpot connects with the apps you already use. 

But if you’re looking for a list of valuable HubSpot integrations that you don’t already have, the App marketplace can be a little overwhelming. 

To help you out, we put together this list of 7 must-have HubSpot integrations. Whichever specific solutions you choose from these 7 categories, you’ll end up with a more streamlined, more effective business.

Download the 7 must-have HubSpot integrations infographic.


Digital events HubSpot integrations

With the growing popularity of web-based events, more companies are hosting conferences, webinars, and hangouts online to expand their audiences and reach existing customers.

Eventbrite Logo


Send invitations, promote your upcoming event, and capture contact info from attendees. Connecting Eventbrite to HubSpot helps convert attendees into customers. 

Zoom Logo


One of the most widely-used videoconferencing platforms, Zoom connects people in real time for meetings, conferences, and webinars.

Once integrated, HubSpot can track Zoom webinar attendance, promote events through email, and automatically send dial-in and conference call details to contacts.

GoToWebinar Logo


Another popular live video option, GoToWebinar makes hosting and recording live webinars easy for marketing and sales teams. 

GoToWebinar features reminder and follow-up emails that can be connected to contacts using HubSpot. 


Email marketing HubSpot integrations

HubSpot comes pre-packaged with robust email marketing tools. Add enhanced email sending integrations and you can curate an experience that increases customer lifetime value.

Vidyard Logo


Personalize the sales process with email workflows that use video to connect with prospects. Record and send custom videos through HubSpot that engage leads on a personal level.

Sigstr Logo


Take advantage of wasted email space by automatically adding customized email signatures that drive engagement. Then, use HubSpot analytics to track conversions from signatures and power A/B testing.

Seventh Sense Logo

Seventh Sense

Deliverability and fatigue are two of the biggest hurdles for email marketers. Seventh Sense offers tools to overcome automated filters and plan for maximum email engagement.


Contract management HubSpot integrations

Contract management software empowers companies to generate contracts quickly and get them signed faster. When integrated with HubSpot, these tools connect contracts to customer profiles, making them easy to access for marketing, sales, and support teams.

PandaDoc Logo


PandaDoc simplifies the contract process with templates and esignature capabilities. HubSpot can send and track PandaDoc contracts and connect them to the customer contact record.

Proposify Logo with Cup RGB


Streamline proposal and contract workflows with the Proposify integration, then analyze past quotes, proposals, and contracts using HubSpot’s analytics tools.



PSOhub automates the creation of smart contracts and supports multiple contract types and role-based rates. They also integrate contracts with time tracking and project management tools. 

PSOhub feeds contract data into HubSpot, where you can analyze performance and seek out sources of financial risk. PSOhub also uses contact information from HubSpot to make contract generation even quicker.


Project management HubSpot integrations

HubSpot includes some project management tools, but teams looking for more robust capabilities need to use third-party integrations.



Teamwork is a project management solution that includes many features for task management, project planning, time tracking, and support. Their integration with HubSpot allows teams to transfer data back and forth across the two platforms.

Asana Logo


Asana is a project visualization tool that gives managers a bird’s-eye view of ongoing initiatives.

Connecting Asana to HubSpot enables the use of process triggers to bridge the gap between teams. For example, you can close a deal in sales, then start the onboarding process in Asana automatically.



Because PSOhub brings contracts, project management, task management, time tracking, and invoicing under one roof, it’s uniquely suited to helping small businesses prevent projects from going over budget. 

Plus, PSOhub’s deep (native) integration with HubSpot allows users to start a project right from the sales record.


Time tracking HubSpot integrations

Professional service organizations need effective time tracking tools to support billing, track project ROI, and analyze performance.



Commonly used by support teams responding to tickets in HubSpot, Clockify is a simple way to log the time spent on each ticket.

Toggl Logo


Another simple and hassle-free time tracking option, Toggl integrates with HubSpot to help users log time on tasks. Toggl can be used to set up different “rooms” for freelancers, and even log different billable hourly rates.



PSOhub is more than a stopwatch for documenting time logs. By connecting time tracking with automated invoicing and project management, PSOhub reduces manual data entry on both ends. 

Plus, PSOhub includes calendar-based and GPS-based self-driving time tracking for busy service professionals.


Invoice management HubSpot integrations

Want to bill your clients on time with accurate, trackable invoices? Automate invoicing with integrations designed to enhance the billing experience for all parties.

Freshbooks Logo


Freshbooks is a popular accounting and invoicing platform that automates billing for SMBs. 

Their integration with HubSpot allows you to access invoices from contact and company records.

Sage Accounting Logo

Sage Accounting

Sync HubSpot to Sage’s powerful cloud-based accounting analysis software and set up rules to keep track of customers from a financial perspective.

Visit website | Access on HubSpot Marketplace


PSOhub’s HubSpot integration enables users to see invoice status from within HubSpot. Because PSOhub also offers integrated project management and time tracking, it makes invoice generation nearly hands-free. 


Access on HubSpot Marketplace | Get from deal to cash faster using PSOhub’s HubSpot invoicing integration.

Reporting and analytics HubSpot integrations

Want to bill your clients on time with accurate, trackable invoices? Automate invoicing with integrations designed to enhance the billing experience for all parties.

Databox Logo


Databox streams data from all your analytics sources into one place with easy-to-digest graphics. Databox is especially popular for turning HubSpot social data into interactive dashboards.

Hotjar Logo


The HotJar HubSpot integration allows marketers to feed HotJar poll responses into HubSpot contact records. 

Access to this data can help marketers optimize campaigns and improve performance.

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Grow Logo


Grow improves full-funnel visibility with granular HubSpot data analysis on sales and marketing initiatives. It’s especially popular with startups that are looking to scale quickly.

Getting started with HubSpot Integrations

Once you’ve identified the best HubSpot integrations for your team, it’s time to get those tools set up. You can do this yourself in many cases. HubSpot offers a knowledge base where you can find instructions for connecting and onboarding apps. 

Simpler integrations may only require a few steps to set up. From there, you can work with the integrated apps’ support team to customize your integration, if necessary. 

You may also consider working with an integration partner for more complex integrations. HubSpot makes selecting a partner easy by maintaining a directory of trusted partner agencies. This agency list features client reviews and ratings to help you choose from hundreds of partners.

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