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Top 5 (Native) Pipedrive Project Management Integrations 2023

Pipedrive project management

Pipedrive helps businesses of all sizes and industries close deals and manage their customer data. However, once the deal is won, Pipedrive doesn’t exactly provide all the functionality most service businesses need to execute their project management. 

Yes, Pipedrive does offer a project management suite with Projects by Pipedrive. This can be purchased for an additional charge of around $8 more dollars per month on the lower tiers, and it’s included in the two most expensive packages. 

Projects by Pipedrive will give you task management and invoicing on your projects, but it falls short by way of resource management, project planning, and other necessary elements. 

That’s why most Pipedrive users use an integrated project management solution to move through the project phase. 

Unlike a separate solution, a Pipedrive project management integration seamlessly connects your CRM with your project side. Here we’ll show you the project management solutions that currently integrate with Pipedrive. 

Benefits of Pipedrive Project Management Integration

  • Improve sales-to-project handoff - When your project management tool is integrated with Pipedrive, both your sales and project teams will have access to the same data. Both sides can easily see the information they need and will know better what to expect as the project lifecycle progresses. 
  • Data more secure - Instead of having siloed information, your Pipedrive data on your customers and your project data will all live in the same place, creating a closed loop. Not only does this make you less vulnerable to security breaches, it makes it easier for your team to access pertinent information quickly and easily. 
  • Save time - Automation is one of the fruits of a robust, native integration. With project management integration for Pipedrive, you can easily pull CRM data into a project template, for example, versus having to reinvent the wheel every time. 
  • Increase productivity - Pipedrive-integrated project management means a thinner tech stack and less time interloping between various siloed platforms. This can help your individual team members better focus on the task at hand by eliminating what’s called the switch cost. That is, people won’t have to ‘switch’ between solutions since they both live together. 

2023 Project Management Tools that Integrate with Pipedrive

Note that because Pipedrive connects to the Zapier API, you can essentially connect whichever project management solution you want. Just remember that if you go this route, these third-party integrations will offer a less seamless experience. 

For the most secure, most productive project management for Pipedrive, it makes sense to go with a natively integrated tool. At present, these are the project management software solutions that are integrated with Pipedrive:

  1. Microsoft Teams - Holistic project management for global teams of all sizes. See reviews 
  2. Asana - Dialed-in task management to support all industries and niches. See reviews 
  3. PSOhub - Automated all-in-one project management for service businesses. See reviews 
  4. Trello - Easy-to-use task management for small teams. See reviews 
  5. - Full suite project management great for startups. See reviews 

Project Management for Pipedrive: Your 3 Choices

Remember, when taking your closed deal into the project phase from Pipedrive, you have 3 choices:

  • MOST RECOMMENDED - Use a Pipedrive project management integration with Microsoft Teams, Asana, PSOhub, Trello, or
  • Use Zapier to connect a siloed solution.
  • Use Projects by Pipedrive.

Using an integrated Pipedrive project management tool is the most recommended course of action since it provides the most seamless experience for your team. This route will help you better take advantage of automation and other productivity-boosting features. 

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