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PSOhub continues to climb key rankings in Fall 2022 G2 reports

NEW YORK, New York / October 1, 2022- It’s that time of year again; G2 just released their official Fall 2022 Report. The online review juggernaut for the SaaS world offers said Report in the form of badges or awards. The Report also provides grids that display how solutions compare to one another at the time of issue, in this case: Fall 2022. 

Today, PSOhub continues to climb these rankings based on feedback from software users around the world, market presence, and other related factors in the G2 algorithmic scores. 

Where PSOhub Wins Out

Dubbed the world’s ‘fastest growing all-in-one project management solution’, PSOhub earned a total of 7 Badges from G2 for Fall 2022:

  • High Performer
  • High Performer Small Business
  • High Performer Europe
  • Momentum Leader
  • Fastest Implementation
  • Fastest Implementation Small Business
  • Best Meets Requirements Small Business

Additionally, PSOhub received the Users Love Us Reward, a Badge given to platforms with at least 20 reviews and an average score of 4/5 or higher. PSOhub’s current online reviews on both G2 and Capterra are overwhelmingly positive, with users praising features like automated invoicing, plus the overall affordability and UX of the platform. 

PSA Software & Project Management Software

Because PSOhub doubles as both PSA software and project management software, G2 includes the solution in both categories presented in report grids. PSOhub continues to dominate PSA software grids, featuring in the top 5 for various categories related to small businesses and usability. 

While historically, PSOhub has ranked comparatively lower in the project management grids– mostly due to competition with more established platforms with a larger market presence like Asana– the G2 Fall Reports show the solution steadily gaining steam. In a few instances, PSOhub shot up in position for scores specifically related to small business and project management software. 

Small Business Wins & New Features

Particularly when it comes to small business needs and usability, PSOhub continues to earn admiration from users who applaud the software for saving their business money and making their processes more efficient. 

New features launched this year including real-time Gantt charts, Quotes, and a popular Slack integration provide even more value for PSOhub users. Verified G2 reviews for PSOhub at large reveal satisfied teams, who are happy to accomplish more with less in their tech stack. 

About PSOhub

PSOhub is on a mission to be the global leader in thoughtful, self-driving professional services automation. With 30+ years of experience building PSA Software, PSOhub is dedicated to creating solutions that empower small businesses to achieve their ambitions by working smarter.