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Why you should integrate All-in-One Project Management with Xero


Using Xero to manage your financial accounts?

Depending on what tool(s) you use, integrating Xero with your project management tech stack can have major benefits. Provided that your project management solution integrates with Xero, all you’ll have to do is set up the integration in a couple clicks.

In this article, we’ll explain why people are enjoying success from a Xero integration with All-in-One Project Management. Particularly if you’re already a Xero user, you’ll want to read on to see how you can leverage this connection for the benefit of your business.

What is All-in-One Project Management?

All-in-One Project Management is a PSA software methodology that keeps all the moving parts of your projects connected using integrations and self-learning technology. For the purposes of this discussion, we’re going to talk about the Xero project management integration as it relates to All-in-One Project Management, since this is the most complete methodology to date. 

All-in-One Project Management goes beyond the realm of project planning and tracking and covers all the bases of what it takes to execute projects, from a closed deal to deliverables-in-hand. That includes:

Why integrate Xero with All-in-One Project Management by PSOhub

Reduce manual errors

If you integrate your Xero accounting software with PSOhub, you’ll be able to better avoid errors from manual entry. Real-time financial dashboards will let you know if anything is amiss, so you can make adjustments promptly.

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Reduce admin time

Since your financials live under the same digital umbrella– the same central ‘hub', if you will– as your project management data, your team will spend less time on tedious admin. Everyone can then get back to what they do best aka billable time.

Automate your invoicing 

Speaking of cutting back on admin time, one of the best reasons to integrate Xero with project management by PSOhub is that you can automate your invoicing. Doing so will also help your business get paid on time, every time, for services rendered.

Keep your data more secure

Rather than having your accounting data with Xero, your project data, etc spread across a bunch of siloed solutions, you can link it all securely with PSOhub. Since it’s a closed-loop system, there’s less chance of your financial information getting compromised.

Here’s what a PSOhub user has to say about the Xero project management integration:

I love the professional services automation piece where I can set up a contract, and it’s automatically going to push those invoices to Xero at the right date. And then reconcile back when that invoice is paid in Xero. And then it also allows us to see, hey, what did we build this month versus what’s coming in, so we see if we have any cash flow issues. It also just lets me see based on where all of our recurring contracts, installment contracts, etc are at, how much revenue do I have coming in this month, next month, the following month? So, I can get an idea at any time in a moment of exactly where we’re at revenue wise, recurring and installment.

-Mandy T, Chief Revenue Officer, Digital Reach Online Solutions

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