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PSA Tools for MSP’s: What are the best?


MSPs– Major Service Providers– are prime candidates for PSA software, and frankly, probably cannot live without it. 

PSA stands for Professional Services Automation, and this class of software solutions helps businesses with the more financially granular aspects of project management– like billing and invoicing and contract management.

Because of the nature of IT service businesses, it makes sense to automate as much of the administrative processes as possible. All while staying intimately connected to the essential services they provide. 

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That’s precisely where PSA software comes in.

MSPs have different needs on the daily from the platforms they use compared to, say, digital marketing agencies. For that reason, we’ve compiled a short list of the best choices in PSA software for MSPs. Take a look at what we consider the top 4 options based on value, functionality, and verified online reviews.

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What makes PSOhub worth its weight in gold for MSPs is its seamless marriage between PSA and project management. Instead of integrating two solutions to do both (or worse, using two siloed solutions), IT firms can save major money by taking care of it all in one fell swoop with PSOhub’s powerful platform. PSOhub offers the kinds of self-driving features MSPs love, like automated time tracking and smart invoicing. All in all, it’s the most affordable choice on this list and provides cutting-edge predictive analysis that other software solutions have yet to include in their fold of functionality. 


Accelo is another top PSA software favorite of MSPs, as it was more or less designed to help IT services specifically manage their projects. With a portal for 24/7 service of clients built-in, MSPs don’t have to put in long hours to customize the software. Like PSOhub, Accelo provides a native integration with both HubSpot and Salesforce, making the sales-to-project handoff seamless. Accelo is a leader in automation and offers comprehensive resource management tools to close the loop on all projects and services in a snap. 

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Scoro is the end-to-end work management software used by MSPs to help automate admin and manage their projects holistically. As a PSA, it excels at automated billing, and like Accelo and PSOhub, it has extensive resource management features to hone in on your team’s utilization. Most MSP users praise Scoro for its ability for easy collaboration on tasks and its intuitive time management features. With Scoro, team members can easily track their time, while managers and owners can see how much the time is worth monetarily, thanks to this PSA solution’s powerful analytics and reporting.


Atera reigns as a top choice in the MSP world for its all-in-one RMM (Remote Monitoring & Management) software. Atera innovatively combines the automation and seamless functionality of PSA software with the tools needed to manage global teams and customers. Their remote access and support capabilities are a dream for IT service providers. With Atera, MSPs can be alerted to problems before the customer even realizes it due to their root-cause analysis feature. You can then patch things up while customers are none the wiser, making for a better customer experience and an overall higher customer retention rate, as reported by Atera users.

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