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PSOhub Ranks Among Best Project Management Software Tools for 2022

NEW YORK, January 6, 2022 - PSOhub ranks as one of the best project management software tools for 2022, according to user feedback from over 40 countries and recent G2 listings. 

This year, digital marketing agencies and other professional service firms are looking for affordable, easy-to-use tools that can help them complete campaigns and other projects more efficiently than ever.

As most of these small-to-medium-sized organizations include teams and clients in different places, challenges abound on how to craft campaigns and deliver services seamlessly, while remaining as billable (and profitable) as possible.

How can agencies gain that efficiency to increase their revenue? Or rather, how can a project management tool help agencies do that?

The answer lies in automation, integration, self-learning, and holistic design. A platform that can leverage automation and integrations to make things easier, then, in turn, learn from what happens. All while applying this ‘knowledge’ to everything that affects your project management.

Why the best project management tool for 2022 is a PSA solution

This is innately what PSA software accomplishes. PSA (Professional Services Automation) software is tailor-made for the professional services industry, marketing agencies included. 

Marketing, IT, and architectural firms around the world have been leveraging PSA software for decades, but these tools have grown by leaps and bounds in the past few years. The rise in remote work due to the pandemic has brought PSA software to the forefront of executing project management since it solves common problems by automating tedious admin work.

PSA software also empowers agencies to manage campaigns more holistically. Rather than segmenting information and processes across multiple platforms, PSA software can winnow things down, keeping data more secure and informing more of the project cycle with real-time analytics.

For example, let’s say you use a PSA solution that has time-and-expense tracking plus contract management. Theoretically, this will save you money from having to pay for two separate solutions. Plus, your time tracking will ‘talk’ to your contracts. So if things aren’t on track, your PSA solution will alert you that based on your contract parameters, time and expense needs to simmer before the project goes off rail. This will give you time to evaluate where the kinks in the armor are and how you can pivot before things really go awry.

For growing organizations working on multiple campaigns at once, the functionality a PSA solution can bring to project management is a no-brainer. That’s why PSOhub is a top contender among agencies in countries all across the globe who want to save money and be more productive. 

According to G2, PSOhub is one of the best-reviewed PSA solutions in the world for 2022. Particularly among small businesses, PSOhub remains one of the top performers among G2 reviewers. PSOhub was rated #4 among 25 solutions in overall usability and usability for small businesses. Since project management software like a PSA solution should be easy for teams to use daily, this is encouraging data for the minds at PSOhub. 

Additionally, PSOhub cracked the top 10 in Performance for Small Business, ranking at #6. In the European Grid generated by G2 user data, PSOhub went even higher, coming out at #3 in performance, despite significantly less market presence than the top two solutions.

“Sometimes we need to educate our users not to always want what they already have. Because if you always want what you already have, then nothing will change.” - PSOhub Founder & CEO Martijn van der Hoeden

Despite the various PSA systems on the market and an even greater total of project management tools out there, PSOhub is gaining steam for its unique value offer as an all-in-one solution. Users can integrate PSOhub with their CRM and accounting software, and then all facets of the project cycle can be accomplished within the PSOhub environment. 

Another value-add? Practically endless integrations with other popular platforms, meaning PSOhub can connect seamlessly with other solutions marketers just can’t live without. 

To date, PSOhub is the only project management tool on the market that can at once manage all facets of the project cycle, integrate with practically any other solution you want to use, and get smarter the more you use it.