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The Best HubSpot Task Management Tools: Pros, Cons & More

The Best HubSpot Task Management Tools

Within the larger discipline of project management, task management involves the control and execution of all tasks related to a project– your team’s to-do’s– day in and day out, until all deliverables are complete. 

Task management will include assigning tasks to responsible parties with due dates, keeping track of the status of each task, and more.

Everybody, no matter their industry, needs task management to get things done. 

You must be able to organize your workflows. Keep your projects on time. Keep your team focused on the task at hand. These are the fruits of a good task management system.

Luckily, if you’re using HubSpot, you can take advantage of HubSpot’s task management apps to supercharge your productivity.

In this article, I’ll weigh in on the best task management apps for HubSpot users, including what makes each stand out, the pros & cons, and an accurate explanation of pricing.

Top 10 Task Management Tools for HubSpot

  1. HubSpot Tasks - Best Overall 
  2. Trello - Best for Startups
  3. Slack - Best for Collaboration
  4. PSOhub - Best for Service Businesses
  5. Airtable - Best for Content Management
  6. ClickUp - Best for Highly Detailed Task Management
  7. Todoist - Best for Solopreneurs
  8. - Best for Marketing
  9. Wrike - Best for Medium-to-Large Businesses
  10. Asana - The Catch-All

How I made this list:

First things first– This list is not affiliate content. That means no one receives any commission if you click on the helpful links. 

Instead, it’s an honest look at the integrated task management solutions that HubSpot users can take advantage of. 

Because I work for a project management platform, I’ve tried out dozens of popular tools, making me familiar with UX and use cases. Also, I have experience using different task management tools with previous clients, who each have their preferences.

This experience informs the list you see here, in addition to the following vetting process:

  1. First, I reviewed HubSpot’s task management capabilities.
  2. Next, I took a look at all the task management tools that provide native integration with HubSpot (see a list of all of them here).
  3. From here, I zeroed in on the tools that have high user ratings, a healthy amount of installs with HubSpot, and a good value for the price.
  4. Based on the available features and capabilities, I assigned each an award to highlight which businesses/situations the solution is best suited for.

The Best HubSpot Task Management Tools

1. Best Overall - HubSpot Tasks

HubSpot Tasks is a task management tool that’s 100% native to HubSpot. It’s free, it’s easy to understand, and it enables you to assign tasks and share information around them in the easiest way possible. 

What makes HubSpot Tasks stand out:

You don’t have to pay anything or do anything to use HubSpot Tasks– It’s free forever! That means that even small businesses and entrepreneurs who are just starting out can take advantage. 

As a business grows and scales, it’ll get even more functionality from HubSpot’s native task management, so it’s a win-win.


  • Affordable
  • For businesses of all types & sizes
  • Nothing new to buy
  • Promotes productivity
  • Mobile app access


  • Can’t track time to tasks
  • Doesn’t connect with resource management tools


100% FREE– FREE with HubSpot’s free version. Included at higher pricing tiers with additional functionality.

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2. Best for Startups - Trello

Trello is one of the best task management tools if you want to keep things simple and cheap. The HubSpot- Trello integration will push workflows in HubSpot over to task cards in Trello, helping you go seamlessly from sales to service. 

What makes Trello stand out: 

Trello’s task management capabilities are incredibly easy to onboard and they’re 100% free. Aside from connecting with HubSpot at all pricing tiers, Trello integrates with a ton of other commonly used platforms.

While you can’t do more sophisticated functions with Trello, like automated invoicing, for pure task management, the solution fits the bill (which is $0).


  • Affordable
  • Easy to use
  • Integrates with everything
  • Free for all HubSpot users


  • No two-way integration with HubSpot
  • Limited project management functionality beyond tasks


100% FREE– You can integrate the free versions of both Trello and HubSpot and literally pay nothing.

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3. Best for Collaboration - Slack

Slack is one of the professional world’s most popular collaboration apps. One of the best things about Slack is that it integrates with every tool you can think of since so many people use it. You can easily integrate Slack with HubSpot to chat and hold meetings in real-time. Stay on top of your project easily with huddles, mentions, and check-ins.

What makes Slack stand out:

With Slack, you easily divide your projects and tasks into different channels. That way, you have constant visibility into every single communication your team had around said project or task.

This integration will create HubSpot tasks, tickets, and notes based on your conversations. It’s so easy and so seamless, which is why Slack hails as one of the best collaboration tools out there.


  • Integrates with everything
  • Streamlines communication
  • Everybody uses it
  • Create HubSpot tasks from Slack convos


  • You can’t track time to tasks or projects 
  • You can’t tie invoices to tasks or projects


FREE version integrates with HubSpot.

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4. Best for Service Businesses - PSOhub 

PSOhub provides all the bells and whistles for task management with tools like Kanban boards and dependencies. PSOhub also enables you to track time to individual tasks and even automate your invoicing process from there. 

What makes PSOhub stand out:

PSOhub offers the same PSA functionality for project management at a lower price compared to its competitors. With PSA, you can lump in your finance-related project needs– billing, contracts, forecasting– with your tasks and planning all in one tool.

PSOhub also has AI-driven features to automate time tracking and resource management that you can’t find with the others on this list.


  • Track time & invoices to tasks
  • 2-way HubSpot integration
  • Automates admin
  • Can replace multiple software tools


  • Some level of training/support is required for onboarding


Starts at $25 pu/pm. 30-day free trial.

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5. Best for Content Management - Airtable

Airtable is popular for content management because of its intuitive UX that lets you color code and dial-in, in without your digital workplace feeling too busy. Content creators and software developers, in particular, will like the layout that lets everyone on the team get an instant understanding of the life of the project. 

What makes Airtable stand out:

With the Airtable integration, you can push your HubSpot workflows to Airtable and automatically create rows of data to start your project phase. Contacts will also flow from HubSpot into Airtable, so you won’t have to do any manual re-entry.


  • Cheap
  • Intuitive
  • Lots of easily configured automation
  • Airtable integrates with everything


  • Integration is only one-way (Hubspot to Airtable)
  • Integration has poor online reviews


FREE - available with Airtable’s free version.

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6. Best for Highly Detailed Task Management - ClickUp

ClickUp is a favorite among type-A personalities the world over. Even though the solution is now moving toward more all-in-one functionality for project management, tasks are ClickUp’s bread and butter.

What makes ClickUp stand out:

ClickUp provides an awesome two-way integration that will let your ClickUp tasks connect with your deals, contacts, tickets, products, and companies in HubSpot. This makes it one of the most complete, robust options on our list. 

Because of this two-way sync, you can take advantage of over 20 automation between the two platforms which will save you lots of time and energy. ClickUp is a low-cost option to automate as much as you can between sales and projects.


  • Built-in HubSpot automation
  • Two-way HubSpot integration
  • Great for detail-oriented people


  • UX can feel overwhelming and busy


Starts at $7 per month for the HubSpot integration

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7. Best for Solopreneurs - Todoist

Todoist specializes in task management and can be used by anyone, for any reason. It’s essentially a solution of ‘smart’ to-do lists that help teams and individuals alike increase their productivity, with no extra effort required.

What makes Todoist stand out:

You can’t create tickets in HubSpot from Todoist tasks, something a lot of businesses need, because Todoist only provides a one-way integration with HubSpot. That said, Todoist is free and a lot of people like the easy-to-use list functionality that will apply to virtually any type of business or individual.


  • Automated task sorting
  • Great for individual productivity
  • Extremely easy to use
  • For all businesses


  • Limited functionality
  • One-way data push



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8. Best for Marketing - is a top choice for marketing firms to manage their tasks as well as their projects on the whole. When you use Teamwork’s task management with HubSpot, you’ll be able to stay more organized with inbound marketing and sales.

What makes stand out:

Marketers like integrating with HubSpot because of the two-way sync that’s especially useful for pushing tasks to content creation in HubSpot. As soon as a deal stage changes in HubSpot, you can trigger automation for tasks that will pop up in Teamwork, so that nothing falls through the cracks.


  • Two-way sync
  • Connects with content creation tools in HubSpot
  • Project management functionality beyond tasks


  • Poor user reviews for the HubSpot integration


$19.99 pu/pm for the Grow tier which is required to get the HubSpot integration.

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9. Best for Medium-to-Large Businesses - Wrike

Wrike is a top-rated productivity platform that caters more to project management than base-level task management. That said, if you use Wrike for project management, you can take advantage of the task management features available with the HubSpot integration. 

What makes Wrike stand out:

Like PSOhub and, you can automatically trigger tasks in Wrike when deals change status in HubSpot. Where Wrike stands out is its functionality outside the HubSpot integration that can easily support enterprise businesses, as well as small startups that are on a fast track for growth. Nevertheless, it’s worth noting that Wrike for HubSpot isn’t as cheap as the other solutions on our list.


  • Integration available with all plans
  • Good for scaling a business
  • Awesome planning tools like the Gantt chart
  • Two-way sync with HubSpot


  • Onboarding is not intuitive and requires training
  • More expensive


Must have Wrike Business license at $24.80 pu/pm plus HubSpot integration add-on for $15 pu/pm. At the end of the day, you’re looking at almost $40 per person, per month.

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10. The Catch-All: Asana

Asana gets included in the top 10 task management tools since it indeed provides a HubSpot integration. You can push your HubSpot workflows into Asana to automatically generate tasks. Asana is consistently rated one of the best for task management since its UX is very straightforward and friendly.

What makes Asana stand out:

So many people use it! That’s what’s great about having it as your task management base. No matter who you get on your teams, they’ll know how to get started in Asana immediately. However, remember that the HubSpot integration only goes one way, which is why Asana is so low on our list.


  • Super popular
  • Low price
  • No learning curve
  • Automate workflows on the Asana side


  • Integration with HubSpot is only one-way


$10.99/month for Asana Premium to get the HubSpot integration.

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Let’s analyze the results.

The obvious choice for task management is to first look within HubSpot to HubSpot Tasks. For sales and marketing teams, this may be enough functionality to help you organize your workflows. It’s free, it’s easy to use, and it covers the basics.

The free choices like Todoist won’t let you do as much by way of automation and customizations, but they’re great if you just need simple, ‘to-do-list’ functionality. I’d recommend these for cash-strapped startups and solopreneurs.

Slack is so useful, that you can include that along with another task management tool because it will always come in handy no matter what. 

The task management tools that will make you pay a bit more are going to give you a bit more, usually by offering a two-way integration. Select one of these solutions if you really want to automate your processes.

Finally, there are the bonafide project management solutions. Choose one of these if you need a project management tool anyway. I recommend gravitating toward the more all-in-one software options, so that you don’t have to go out and buy more additions to your tech stack.


What are the 100% FREE options for HubSpot task management?

Want a free task management solution for HubSpot? Keep in mind that free options won’t give you higher levels of functionality like a two-way sync. However, they can be just what the doctor ordered if you’re only looking to handle tasks.

Here are the FREE HubSpot task management tools that are either native or support a native integration:

  • HubSpot Tasks 
  • Trello
  • Slack
  • Todoist
  • Airtable

What are the all-in-one project management solutions that offer HubSpot task management?

Sometimes, it’s more efficient to get an all-in-one software solution that can cover a lot of bases. Here are the all-in-one project management tools for HubSpot task management:

  • PSOhub
  • Wrike

What does task management software do?

Task management software provides the functionality administrators and teams need to create, assign, and track tasks across multiple projects. 

Task management software that connects with your CRM– aka HubSpot– via native integration will enable you to sync your task data with what’s happening on the HubSpot side. 

A two-way integration will enable you to do more automation, since the task management tool will also push data into HubSpot.

What’s the difference between task management and project management?

Task management is concerned solely with to-do’s within a project, whereas project management is a larger discipline that also includes project planning, contract management, invoicing, resource management, and time management.