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PSOhub’s Recent Updates Make Workload Management Easier

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As is the way of things at PSOhub, developers have recently implemented updates to the all-in-one project management software in response to user feedback from around the globe.

From small startups to large professional service firms, that means PSOhub is now even better! Here’s a quick rundown of what’s new and improved in PSOhub’s innovative PSA software + project management platform:

Task Management Additions for Instant Visibility 


Although project management involves way more than just drilling down into daily work, effective task management is necessary to maintain productivity and progress throughout the project lifecycle. Managing workloads of multiple teams isn’t an easy feat. That’s why it’s important that a task management solution offers you features that can help you dial-in without getting lost in the noise. 

Here’s how PSOhub now provides more solutions for project managers to maintain control and visibility over their task management:

  • All Tasks List - Now, project managers and owners get a handy All Tasks Overview. Just like under My Tasks, you get a pre-sorted view by due date, completed, and upcoming that can reflect all the projects your team is working on.
  • New Task Boards for Supreme Visibility - The new update by PSOhub features three new task boards to help project managers zero-in on what’s happening across the organization. This includes:
  • Tasks by Resource to see all the activity required of your team within the time frame. Unassigned tasks are also included, so you can assign what you need to directly while in this board.
  • Tasks by Project puts your week into a convenient task board lined up by project. This provides a powerful visual that can help you understand in an instant which projects require more or less of your attention.
  • Tasks by Week lets you clearly see the workload required for the week ahead. As you progress, you can quickly know what’s been accomplished and what’s incomplete at just a glance. Like the new Tasks by Resource board, you have your unassigned tasks right there, so you can easily assign what you need to without leaving the board. 
  • Assign to Business Unit - Now, you can assign tasks in PSOhub to an entire Business Unit. This new function based on user feedback is particularly helpful with projects that involve many stakeholders.

Other updates and fixes

In addition to the enhancement of the task management suite, here’s what’s new in PSOhub:

  • You can now use two-factor authentication for logging time on tickets and opening notifications. 
  • Project manager basic can compose emails, notes, and meetings in Projects.
  • If you change a holiday to a public holiday, it won’t reset to holiday automatically (bug fix).

More to come

PSOhub is working on an additional update for spring that includes a scheduler and more. While PSOhub offers affordable all-in-one project management, it’s also a PSA solution. That means AI and self-learning help automate the bulk of the admin drain for professional services businesses. Try it free today and join happy PSOhub users in over 40 countries across the world!

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