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PSOhub helps move the gender-equity needle in tech with inclusive, merit-based company culture


AMSTERDAM - PSOhub helps improve positioning and agency for women in the tech sector through their inclusive company culture. Since the v1 launch of PSOhub’s project management software in 2020, that culture has taken root, and now, PSOhub defies current stats for women in the tech workforce with a female-dominated team. PSOhub has users in over 40 countries around the world, and the women behind the scenes at the organization reflect equally diversified backgrounds.

While future projections for women’s share in the tech workforce are promising, current research shows women held only 25% of tech positions in 2021. In stark contrast to similar stats industry-wide, PSOhub counts more women than men on their team at a nearly 2:1 ratio. This kind of percentage is unheard of at project management software firms. As impressive as the skill sets at play at PSOhub are the cultural influences: PSOhub’s female team members hail from Turkey all the way to Texas and have richly diverse catalogs of experience and education. 

Gender equity among professionals in the tech sphere sparks a hot topic for discussion, as recent statistics show numerous gaps between women and men’s experiences. In this 2021 Women in Tech Report, research found that 72% of women are outnumbered by men on average 2:1 at business meetings. That number coincides with Deloitte Global’s 2022 forecast for large global tech firms of an uptick to 33% overall female representation in the workforce. 

On the flip side, men are outnumbered by women at PSOhub almost 2:1; and PSOhub’s female representation includes over 60% of their workforce. 

“We women slowly but surely are taking our place in the IT world thanks to CEOs like ours, for whom gender does not matter but the passion for IT does.”

Qismat Riaz, PSOhub advisor

Why it matters– PSOhub helps close the gap for women in tech in a tangible, specific way: through a diverse company culture of meritocracy. In other words, the women who love to work for PSOhub were not hired because they are women; they were selected because of their brains, their skills, and the high value that they offer. By expanding their geography and seeking out the best people for the job, PSOhub organically landed on talented women. For Qismat Riaz, working at a female-dominated firm like PSOhub is a first she’s proud of. Riaz echoes PSOhub’s inclusive, merit-based company culture with this commentary on women in tech and her experience at PSOhub: 

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