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PSOhub announces 1st North American Partnership with Wendt Partners of NYC

NEW YORK - PSOhub officially confirms its new partnership with NYC-based Wendt Partners. This marks the first active US partner, and the first North American partner, for the growing SaaS platform. As part of their B2B consulting services, Wendt Partners will now help their customers leverage a custom growth stack with PSOhub and HubSpot to transform their processes and elevate their customer experience. 

PSOhub currently ranks as a top-rated solution for all-in-one project management, meaning it covers anything and everything professional service businesses need to stay on top of their projects. That includes project management, quoting, task management, invoicing, time entry, and more. With self-driving and predictive features, PSOhub helps organizations automate processes and become more efficient than ever. PSOhub was designed with HubSpot users in mind, offering a seamless experience between the two platforms.

PSOhub’s success in UX, especially with regards to the HubSpot integration, and the high value their all-in-one project management provides, eventually caught the attention of Wendt Partners. Wendt Partners hails from Queens, New York; they’re a B2B consulting firm that helps CEOs generate sustainable revenue growth via customized growth stacks. These growth stacks include strategies and tools to help B2B businesses implement innovation across the board.

Wendt Partners remains hyper-focused on helping clients grow their revenue and deliver amazing customer experiences and thus, partners with software solutions they feel will help clients achieve those ends. Wendt is fairly choosy, only employing a limited list of high-rated tools that offer extreme value and functionality– tools like HubSpot, Slack, and now, PSOhub.

As PSOhub’s first official US partner, Wendt Partners will now include the platform among their elite list of solutions to create custom growth stacks for clients. Doug Wendt, President & Chief Growth Officer at Wendt Partners has this to say: 

"The future of HubSpot is solutions. One of the top solution needs in the marketplace is project management capability tied to CRM, and that's why we are beyond excited to be the first US partner for PSOhub. As an elite partner for HubSpot, we know this is just the beginning of a very fruitful partnership."

The PSOhub team sounds equally excited, as their VP & Sales Director Jeroen Graafland echoes, “The belief from Wendt is that PSOhub is the all-in-one project management solution for Hubspot, based on functionality but also because of the UX which is quite similar to HubSpot. We are currently working together on a couple of compelling use cases and prospects!”

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PSOhub is on a mission to be the global leader in self-driving, all-in-one project management software. With over 30 years of experience building PSA Software, PSOhub is dedicated to delivering impactful solutions that automate administrative tasks and keep all project management under one roof, empowering managers and teams to reach their goals by working smarter (not harder). 

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