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Appronto are a talented group of software developers who focus on business applications built on the low-code Mendix platform and cloud integrations. Based in the Netherlands, Appronto has around 30 employees and clients all over the world.

The problem? Appronto has tons of projects they need to manage after the deal is won in HubSpot. They needed an organized and HubSpot-integrated project management solution.

The PSOhub solutions

Here's what happened when Appronto switched to PSOhub:


Seamless HubSpot integration

“PSOhub is easy to use! The integration with HubSpot is perfect. It’s given us the opportunity to do our projects and our contracts in a very transparent way in one application,” says Appronto Manager of Operations, Sven Ernest.


Full-fledged project management

PSOhub provides full-fledged project management software that handles everything from contracts to timesheets to billing. Appronto went from jumping to and from various tools to support the entire project management process, to a single solution with PSOhub that also integrates with platforms they’re already using, like HubSpot and Quickbooks. “It helps us increase our revenue because the whole project management thing is more efficient. So less mistakes are made.”


PSOhub helps Appronto by becoming an all-in-one solution via the HubSpot integration.

“When we start a project, the info that we have in HubSpot already we can use to start a project and manage the project as well. For instance, when we started a project in our old tools, we had to make sure that timesheets were filled in by our employees in one tool. Then, I had to make sure that I could report time to our clients in another tool. And for the billing and the contracting, another tool. And if I had a meeting with a client, I’d have to write it down again. Then you have HubSpot. Now we can do all that in one tool!”

“The best feature for us is the smart contract feature,” says Ernest about the Appronto experience with PSOhub. “It reminds me when we are at 80% of the contract worth, and it makes managing the project easier.”

With smart contracts and automatic alerts, Appronto can inform their clients easier and earlier when their project is at 80% budget. PSOhub also offers multiple contract and billing types and customizable contract templates you can reuse in the future.

“Ultimately, it's more transparent for the client.”

Why our customers love PSOhub

We do thinks differently and that’s what our customers notice.

The best feature for us is the smart contract feature. It notifies me when we are at 80% of the contract worth, and it makes managing the project easier.
sven ernest
Sven Ernest

Manager of Operations at Appronto

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