Case Study

Key Engineering

Why a dynamic services company that specializes in improving business processes, control systems, and instrumentation chose our Premium All-in-One Project Management solution.

Why Key Engineering ❤️ PSOhub

About Key Engineering

Key Engineering is a dynamic services company that specializes in improving business processes, control systems, and instrumentation. With a dedicated team of professionals, Key Engineering tackles projects of varying complexities, from small-scale tasks to large-scale endeavors. Innovation and efficiency are at the core of Key Engineering's ethos, driving them to constantly seek improvement and excellence in their operations.

Why did Key Engineering choose PSOhub?

Key engineering was facing some challenges that made them decide to look for a new tool like inefficient time and project management processes, time-consuming and manual administrative tasks for payroll and invoicing, and limited reporting capabilities.

After evaluating various options, Key Engineering decided to implement PSOhub for its comprehensive project management and time-tracking features. They leveraged PSOhub's integration with Xero for streamlined invoicing and payroll processes. Additionally, they utilized PSOhub's ODATA link for seamless data extraction and analysis in PowerBI or Excel.

“We used to have our own software for managing our time and projects and were looking for a better solution. After comparing different options, we choose to go ahead with PSOhub, and it has been serving us well.”
Hans van Beesten

Director at Key Engineering Solutions

What did Key Engineering achieve with PSOhub?

Efficiency Gains

PSOhub's automation features reduced payroll and invoicing time significantly, while minimizing errors through streamlined workflows.

Enhanced Reporting

PSOhub's ODATA link facilitated easy access to project data, empowering Key Engineering to generate comprehensive weekly and monthly reports for better decision-making.

Positive Support & Implementation Experience

PSOhub provided prompt and effective support to Key Engineering, ensuring ongoing development and relevance.

Would Key Engineering recommend PSOhub?

Based on their positive experience, Key Engineering wholeheartedly recommends PSOhub to other companies seeking to enhance their project management and timekeeping processes. They highlight PSOhub's effectiveness, ease of integration, and responsive support as key factors contributing to its suitability for businesses.

By leveraging PSOhub, Key Engineering has achieved significant improvements in efficiency and productivity within its project management and timekeeping workflows. PSOhub's robust features, seamless integration capabilities, and responsive support have made it an indispensable tool for optimizing its operations and driving business success.

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