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Power BI Dashboarding with PSOhub


Good news for business analytics aficionados everywhere! PSOhub now seamlessly integrates with Power BI. You can now leverage your PSOhub project data in Power BI’s next-level dashboards. Power BI is one of the best visual business tools in the world. If you currently use Power BI to generate in-depth data reports, you’re in luck:

All your PSOhub project data– plus customer data from your CRM– can now easily integrate with Power BI. 

This means that you can now go above and beyond with reporting by uncovering insights from raw data that’s usually scattered at best.

Here’s how the PSOhub integration with Power BI Dashboarding is already benefiting our users.

Why Power BI?

Power BI by Microsoft offers businesses powerful analytics and most importantly, the ability to compare, combine, and contrast multiple stores of data to paint an insightful picture into what’s happening. Power BI lets you upload literally any and every kind of data related to your business. 

From there, Power BI helps you easily create graphs and charts with just a few clicks. These visual tools prove invaluable to managers and C suite, who can easily show owners and board members what’s happening within the business using countless metrics. 

Power BI also proves an asset for management and owners who want to present data-driven visuals to the team. Instead of boring minutia, team members can easily see how hard data affects the business on a more holistic level. This is possible with Power BI because it will pull data from any source you want it to and combine it with the data from your projects.

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Benefits of Power BI

  • One of the easiest and most powerful visual/reporting tools. Let’s face it, this is what Power BI is best at. Get detailed, accurate reports to present to management, owners, and team members, with less time and effort required. Power BI provides a robust solution, so you can quickly and easily upload multiple databases without issue. That means your project data, your HR data, your marketing data, all of it, can be uploaded and analyzed to tell a more holistic story about where the business currently stands.
  • Tell the story you want with your (actual) data. Data storytelling is Power BI’s ultimate M.O. By combining multiple data stores, analyzing them, and reporting on them in visual formats, you’ll be able to unlock insights you might not have known existed. Once you become aware of patterns in the current data, you can then figure out if and how this plays into what you want to present. 
  • Highly flexible. Power BI streamlines the reporting process for every single department of your business. As far as dashboards and visualizations go, there’s not much it can’t do. Power BI offers their platform in a desktop app and mobile app, so your team can see and create real-time reports 24/7, anywhere in the world. 
  • Large and small businesses alike love it. Power BI used to be thought of as more of a tool for enterprise-level companies who want large-scale modeling capabilities. However, in the past couple years, small businesses have become a thriving client base for the platform. Small businesses and startups live and die by cash flow, and Power BI can help unlock data-driven secrets to help them get more of it. Plus, they charge a relatively low price for one of the best reporting tools available today.

Who Power BI is good for?

  • Businesses with over 50 employees
  • Multinational corporations
  • Global service businesses
  • Legal firms
  • Small companies
  • IT firms
  • Project managers

How much it costs

To get started, you can sign up for a free trial with Power BI. Also, if you just want to use Power BI dashboards, it’s free! From there, Power BI PRO comes in at $13.70 per user per month. Next is the Premium level at $27.50 per user per month. 

Why PSOhub?

Let’s switch gears and talk about what PSOhub does– all-in-one project management. Project management involves a ton of facts and figures. You’ve got your contracts, your invoicing, your time tracking, project budgets vs actuals, the list goes on. PSOhub offers all-in-one project management, meaning that data surrounding the following spheres is kept together:

Linked with your CRM data and financial backend, you can accurately keep track of all data points and monies with a singular solution that provides all you need to manage projects. 

PSOhub HubSpot Integration

Who PSOhub is good for?

How much it costs

PSOhub offers a 30-day free trial to get your feet wet with all-in-one project management.

From there, the Base package is $8.50 pu/pm per month; Starter $12.50 pu/pm; Rise $16.50 pu/pm; Growth $20.50 pu/pm.

The Power BI + PSOhub Combo for Project Management

Power BI and PSOhub are both valuable solutions on their own. But now that you can use them together, you can really level-up your data storytelling.

In a nutshell, the strength of the Power BI + PSOhub combo is this: 

Your project data can now be seamlessly analyzed alongside other important data company-wide. And because PSOhub offers all-in-one project management, you won’t have to go to other platforms to retrieve your contracts, time tracking, etc to incorporate into your Power BI dashboards.

Here’s some of the cool things you can do using actionable information from your PSOhub data along with Power BI:

  • Generate customer profitability reports 
  • Get insights from your operations, financials, and projects, and see how it all fits together (or doesn’t)
  • Figure out your average project profit margin in a snap
  • Financial analysis reports that combine project data with HR data and more
  • Digital marketing reports– these can connect with your project data to see how much ROI you’re getting in the related fields
  • Show the highest and lowest revenues earned in different months
  • Combine corporate portfolio with on-the-ground project data
  • Compare your gross margin with your average project profit margin
  • And more.

PSOhub & Power BI Dashboards: In Sum

You can now incorporate your PSOhub project data into your Power BI dashboards. Since PSOhub offers all-in-one project management, it will take less time to find all that juicy project data. And since Power BI is perhaps the most powerful, easy-to-use visual/reporting tool for businesses of all sizes, you can now see your project data seamlessly analyzed with all your other important information. It’s data storytelling at its best and easiest!

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