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Extra! Extra! PSOhub Announces Their 1st Official US Partner

PSOhub has now joined forces with Wendt Partners of Queens, New York as an official partner. This marks the first US-based partnership for PSOhub, who has been earning their stripes as the fastest growing all-in-one project management solution.

Mutual excitement for the partnership abounds between the two aligned businesses, as evident from this conversation at INBOUND 2022 between Jeroen Graafland of PSOhub and Wendt Partners President, Doug Wendt:

PSOhub + Wendt Partners (What’s in the Video)

Jeroen Graafland, VP & Sales Director for PSOhub, says, “PSOhub is the all-in-one solution on top of HubSpot for project management. We’re focused on professional services– It’s all about time entry, it’s invoicing, task management, all in one. So again, we’re very happy.

Doug Wendt of Wendt Partners chimes in–

The future of HubSpot is solutions. We don’t want to focus on just we have this product, we have that product; the question is, what does the customer need in order to improve their business processes and wrap their customer in a positive customer experience?

The team at PSOhub said, we want to build a project management platform that literally gives a HubSpot-style experience to the user..

PSOhub’s Gaarfland then talks a little bit about the UX strategy and how they chose to develop a Hubspot-Centered experience:

We were really thrilled by the approach from HubSpot on how the user interface is built, and the UX is #1 for us, so we were inspired by HubSpot. If you use PSOhub, it’s almost a seamless experience together with HubSpot.  

So when promoting from a deal to a project, you don’t even know that you’re in HubSpot or that you're in PSOhub. It's a seamless experience from a user perspective and that's the key #1 for us, that the user is having a seamless experience in PSOhub.

To close, Doug adds: 

The future of HubSpot is solutions. One of the top solution needs in the marketplace is project management capability tied to CRM and that's why we are beyond excited to be the 1st US partner for PSOhub. As an elite partner for HubSpot, we know this is just the beginning of a very fruitful partnership. 

Wendt Partners, by way of their customized growth stacks, will help show their customers how to leverage PSOhub along with Hubspot to transform their business. 

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