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The SaaS Awards 2023 selects PSOhub for shortlist round in 3 categories


NEW YORK, New York / July 3, 2023 - PSOhub has made it to the shortlist round in the annual selection of The SaaS Awards. The SaaS Awards, in partnership with The Cloud Awards, is an international program that began in 2016 to formally recognize industry achievers in excellence and innovation. The original Cloud Awards launched in 2011, but expanded five years later to include the SaaS Awards to account for more categories of excellence in cloud computing. 

The SaaS Awards are open to companies from around the world that offer cloud-based solutions that follow a service-based pricing model. Current SaaS Award winners and nominees hail from the US, the EU, Canada, Asia, and Australia. Previous winners include Siemens, Intuit QuickBooks Online, and other powerhouse names. 

There are three rounds in the SaaS Awards: the first is the shortlist, which was just released, followed by the announcement of finalists, and finally, the winners are announced near the end of October. PSOhub has been selected for the 2023 SaaS Awards shortlist in the following categories:

  • Best SaaS Product with 1,000+ Licensed Users - PSOhub currently has users in over 40 countries and offers easy-to-use PSA functionality in their software. To qualify in this category, the solution must exhibit certain requirements for functionality across its user base for a sustained period of time with 1,000 or more licensed users on board. 
  • Best SaaS Product for Project Management, Workflow Automation, or PLM - PSOhub offers all-in-one project management with its affordable platform popular with professional services. To qualify in this category, there must be strong evidence for customer satisfaction as well as improvements in productivity with users. 
  • Best SaaS Newcomer - PSOhub launched v1 at the beginning of the COVID pandemic in 2020 but has since pivoted to a full-blown project management suite that doubles as PSA software. To qualify for the Best Saas Newcomer, platforms must provide evidence of innovation and market demand for their services. 

As professional services and the project management sphere move more and more toward total digitization, PSOhub continues to innovate with users in mind. AI-driven features and customer-centric design underpin PSOhub’s software, leveraged to help increase productivity and decrease menial admin work for service businesses. 

This has made the solution pivotal to efficient operations and workflows for thousands of PSOhub users. As James Williams, Head of Operations for the SaaS Awards, explains, “Ultimately, the very success of organizations can hinge on selecting the software vendors who work hardest for them and innovate ruthlessly – all while delivering the best results.”

PSOhub’s affordable, all-in-one functionality has made it an irreplaceable part of the tech stack for many agencies that now, can’t live without the solution. Fittingly, the SaaS Awards aim to recognize this exact form of achievement with their annual selection of esteemed vendors. 

About PSOhub

PSOhub is on a mission to be the global leader in thoughtful, self-driving professional services automation. With 30+ years of experience building PSA Software, PSOhub is dedicated to creating solutions that empower small businesses to achieve their ambitions by working smarter. 

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