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PSOhub makes splash debut on G2 PSA solution listings with high scores

NEW YORK, New York / December 13, 2021 - For the first time, G2 has included PSOhub in their data-driven performance listings for PSA software. PSOhub scores high in its debut on the G2 listings in Performance, Implementation, and Usability, based on feedback from verified users who report their experience to the popular peer-to-peer review site. Currently, small-to-medium-sized businesses leverage PSOhub in over 40 countries to help manage their projects with PSA software. PSOhub’s all-in-one platform is geared toward professional services organizations, with the aims of efficiency and sustainable growth in mind. 

On December 14, 2021, G2 released their updated listings on PSA software, with PSOhub’s premiere among the other reviewed platforms on their website. Out of 25 solutions, PSOhub scores in the top 6 in Performance of PSA Software for Small Business. PSOhub also ranks in the top 3 among PSA software users for Implementation, with a combined score based on Ease of Setup, Implementation Time, User Adoption, and Other Factors.

In the European Grid for PSA Software generated by G2 user data, PSOhub ranks #3 in Performance, though with markedly less market presence than the top two solutions. Furthermore, in both the overall Usability Index and the Usability Index for Small Business, PSOhub comes in at #4 out of the 25 PSA platforms that were evaluated by G2 users. 

The December 2021 G2 Listings on PSA software present encouraging data for the minds at PSOhub. The platform launched just over two years ago as the brainchild of PSA software expert and current PSOhub CEO, Martijn van der Hoeden. Van der Hoeden initially envisioned PSOhub as a missing link for HubSpot users to manage projects after closed/won. Since its initial launch, PSOhub’s PSA software has evolved into a bonafide all-in-one project management solution, handling virtually everything businesses need to manage projects: from time tracking, to invoicing and resource management and more. PSOhub now offers two-way integrations with Salesforce and Dynamics 365 as well as HubSpot to accommodate CRM-centric businesses for project management.

Professional Services Automation software, or PSA software, includes solutions that offer automation to help professional services organizations handle day-to-day business. According to PSOhub, “Migrating from manual processes to automated workflows has allowed professional services organizations of all sizes to experience greater overall efficiency, lower overhead costs, and faster growth. Our technology helps professional services organizations handle time tracking, contracts, project management, invoicing and billing, and more. And it’s saving people a lot of money.”

PSOhub is on a mission to be the global leader in thoughtful, self-driving professional services automation. With 30+ years of experience building PSA Software, PSOhub is dedicated to creating solutions that empower small businesses to achieve their ambitions by working smarter.