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PSOhub launches a new project management UX with improved task board


New York, PSOhub has officially launched its new project management UX with an improved task board based on user feedback. PSOhub specializes in self-driving, predictive software. Their all-in-one project management platform offers PSA functionality for IT, marketing, architecture, accounting, and more. PSOhub users from businesses like these help motivate continual improvements that are made to the software.

The new project management UX was designed to be very intuitive - PSOhub users can easily see all their task boards at a glance. Now, you can take control with integrated task lists, Kanban boards, and Gantt charts that have improved drag-and-drop to update tasks lightning-fast. According to CEO and PSOhub Founder Martijn van der Hoeden, this new project management UX offers PSOhub users 80% improved performance:  

“We thought, how can we make it as easy as possible to manage the most important parts of tasks? With this new user interface, everything is totally redesigned. The look and feel of the boards have completely changed. It’s ultimately better UX that offers more value for our users all over the world.” - Martijn van der Hoeden, CEO & Founder PSOhub

The new project management UX and improved task board give users more functionality for their task management within PSOhub so that they don’t ever have to use another outside task tool again. This means more value for PSOhub customers and even cash savings. Users can effectively drop outside tools like Asana, Trello, etc, with the improved UX and features. All the necessary functionality for task management is now in PSOhub, helping businesses save money on their tech stack and increase their efficiency.

What’s inside this new project management UX and improved task board - PSOhub drastically improved drag-and-drop with the cards on the task board. Cards were also redesigned to be smaller, with a hover feature to keep information hidden and decluttered. Now, you can assign, resources and dates directly in the cards, making it much easier to edit tasks.

User feedback provided major motivation for the new project management UX and improved task board, as it does with all PSOhub updates. For example, lots of customers asked for a mention function to alert people of a change in an individual task. This release provides this, as well as greatly improved UX and performance. PSOhub users can now more easily assign dates and resources to tasks in a snap. They can then go one step further with a checklist and notifications. Another standout per user requests is the HubSpot task sync. All tasks for users in HubSpot will connect automatically to PSOhub, and this feature can be turned on or off.

What makes PSOhub different from others in the task management space? The major differentiator lies in the overall functionality of PSOhub itself. Because PSOhub is an all-in-one project management solution, the task board can be automatically synced with invoicing, for instance. That means that when a task is a milestone, PSOhub can immediately generate an invoice once it’s complete. Automation and integration like this help PSOhub users be more efficient, more productive, and more billable.

Watch the demo video of the new project management interface to manage tasks.


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