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New York, NY – Today, PSOhub - a software company specializing in time and expense tracking, task management, project management, and invoicing - announced that it has earned the HubSpot Certified App Partner designation. HubSpot, a leading customer relationship management (CRM) platform, works hand-in-hand with App Partners to help grow their business through extending the product value of their apps, and distributing quality apps through the HubSpot App Marketplace.

With PSOhub, the efficiency of HubSpot doesn't have to stop at closed won. PSOhub improves the sales-to-service handoff and provides 360° Project Management for professional service organizations to easily create and manage new projects from deal records in HubSpot.

PSOhub’s seamlessly integrated PSA Software platform includes features such as:

● Predictive project management
● Accessible task management
● Smart contract management
● Self-driving time and expense tracking
● Automated invoicing

“We’re always looking to partner with companies and tools that make it even easier for our customers to achieve their growth goals,” said Brad Coffey, Chief Strategy Officer at HubSpot. “PSOhub’s fully integrated solution does just that, and we’re excited they have earned the Certified App Partner designation.”

HubSpot’s App Partner Program is an ecosystem of valuable third-party integrations. Certified integrations demonstrate an investment in product quality and customer experience.

“PSOhub is built for businesses who experience a missing link in automating their business from funnel-to-cash and are seeking to unlock the full potential of their CRM software,” says Martijn van der Hoeden, CEO and Founder at PSOhub. “As a Certified HubSpot App Partner, we expect to provide the same level of 360° Project Management to all HubSpot users.”

Learn more about the integration and read customer reviews here.


About PSOhub

PSOhub is on a mission to be the global leader in thoughtful, self-driving professional services automation. With 30+ years experience building PSA Software, PSOhub is dedicated to creating solutions that empower small businesses to achieve their ambitions by working smarter.