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PSOhub extends functionality with Multi-Company and Multi-Currency

New York, PSOhub announces the launch of its new Enterprise features and adds Multi-Company, and Multi-Currency functionalities. Furthermore, PSOhub can now be integrated with the accounting solution Twinfield. It already supports integrations with QuickBooks, Xero, Exact online, and more. PSOhub’s all-in-one Project Management software is currently used in 30+ countries. With this update, PSOhub can better support its international active customers and serves customers to replace multiple software solutions.  

The Multi-Company functionality will give users the capability to have a master organization with unlimited children organizations. Every organization can have its own company/base currency. Users can navigate between the different organizations/companies within one instance depending on their security level. This new enterprise functionality gives the ability to share your HubSpot connection between organizations. 

We are continuously building new features, and we are growing fast together with our globally active customers. With this update, PSOhub can better support this category of users without making the solution unnecessarily complicated. I am very excited that we are now supporting multiple orgs, in one single instance with multi-currency capabilities!” -Martijn van der Hoeden, Founder & CEO PSOhub.

PSOhub can integrate with your favorite CRM, organization by organization, or the master organization can be connected to one single instance of your CRM instance. PSOhub supports integrations with the following CRM applications; HubSpot, Salesforce, and Microsoft Dynamics 365. In addition, every PSOhub organization can be connected to different financial solutions.

About PSOhub

PSOhub is on a mission to be the global leader in thoughtful, self-driving professional services automation. With 30+ years of experience building All-in-one Project Management Software, PSOhub is dedicated to creating solutions that empower small businesses to achieve their ambitions by working smarter. New call-to-action