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PSOhub adds innovative quote module to help users get even more from their project management tool

New York PSOhub announces an exciting addition to their all-in-one project management suite: Quotes by PSOhub. PSOhub users in over 30 countries can now leverage this tool to create quotes and SOWs (Statement of Work) faster and more easily than ever. 

PSOhub’s platform gained worldwide popularity after COVID-19 lockdowns by offering service businesses an easier way to manage all their projects holistically. The platform doubles as a comprehensive project management tool and a powerful PSA solution. The marriage of these two software classes offers unique benefits for PSOs (Professional Services Organizations), who can now keep all their project data in one place: a closed-loop between contract management, invoicing, project planning, task management, and resource management. Because PSOhub integrates with major CRMs, plus a litany of other popular tools, teams can reach a higher level of efficiency and productivity without putting in exhaustive legwork.

The new Quotes feature aggregates all PSOhub project data during the planning stage, making generating a quote or SOW incredibly easy. Now, when users go to quote their projects, they can get a more accurate picture of the budget and scope of work based on solid data. Instead of finding and organizing these data points themselves– and consequently wasting billable hours in the process– PSOhub’s Quotes will seamlessly pull the information to create on-target quotes. 

Here’s what PSOhub Sales Director Jeroen has to say about how users will benefit and why they decided to add the new Quotes feature:

“Because project details like budget, the rate card, team composition, the tasks, the Gantt, the workload over the months, etc are details which are only available in PSOhub, it makes all sense that this will be used for the quote when you built your project or so-called ‘statement of work’(SOW).”

Jeroen Graafland, Sales Director PSOhub

By using PSOhub to generate a quote or SOW, businesses can again eliminate an external solution. It’s yet another way different service businesses– from digital marketing agencies to IT firms– can save money on their tech stack by managing all facets of their projects with PSOhub.

Jeroen adds that the new Quotes feature makes PSOhub’s tagline ‘All-In-One Solution for Project Management’ even more meaningful.


About PSOhub 
PSOhub is on a mission to be the global leader in thoughtful automation of professional services. With over 30 years of experience building PSA software, they offer software that merges Professional Services Automation with complete project management. The result of the merging of these two worlds – PSA and project management – ​​they call All-in-One Project Management which increases insight, efficiency, and user-friendliness and puts an end to a landscape of separate apps and data without coherence.