PSOhub News

New release: free GANTT chart and more!


AMSTERDAM - We are on a mission to create smart and self-driving PSA Software that enables services organizations to excel. Many of our users gave us input on how to improve our software. Thank you! This feedback resulted in a new release with fantastic updates.  

GANTT Chart - now available for all users

As of today, with the release of v.2059, we are happy to announce that the GANTT Chart is available for all user subscriptions. including the Freemium version. In our upcoming release (end of July) you'll even be able to share the GANTT Chart with your client! 

Improved invoice layout and logo quality

We have made several improvements to the invoice layout:

  • You are now able to upload a higher quality logo on your invoice.
  • You can now hide invoice fields that are not filled (e.g.: reference).
  • Preview functionality will now show a full .PDF document in a new tab, just like the invoice preview functionality.

We are now working on the possibility of editing the e-mail texts too! Keep your eyes open on our next update. 

Supportings decimals in deal

Decimals, we didn't support that untill now. So start promoting deals that have a decimal value into a project!

Curious about our other updates? Visit our help centre to learn more about all changes. 

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