Case Study


Why did an IT company, that has a trusted solution for Open Banking, choose our Premium All-in-One Project Management solution?

Why EnableNow ❤️ PSOhub

About EnableNow

EnableNow is a trusted solution for Open Banking and operates as a reliable knowledge partner, offering invaluable insights and software. They empower their customers to navigate the intricate landscape of financial innovation with confidence, ensuring they take full advantage of the benefits of PSD2.

Why did EnableNow choose PSOhub?

EnableNow faced the pressing need for a solution to streamline their time registration processes. They prioritized a solution that offered straightforward time registration capabilities with the potential for future scalability.

PSOhub stood out to EnableNow due to its attractive pricing plan and its reputation for being user-friendly. The simplicity of implementation further solidified their decision to choose PSOhub.


What did EnableNow achieve with PSOhub?

Accurate Time Tracking

Using PSOhub for time tracking helped EnableNow to identify inefficiencies, improve productivity, and make informed decisions to optimize resource allocation and project management.

Efficiency Gains

Less time spent on administrative tasks like time tracking. The automation of these processes has freed up valuable time, allowing the team to focus on driving business growth.

Increased profitability per customer

By knowing how much time is spent on support and account management, EnableNow can increase its customer profitability by improving efficiency per customer.

Implementation phase

The implementation phase with PSOhub was smooth and efficient. Leveraging PSOhub's online training resources and a single onboarding session, EnableNow successfully transitioned to using PSOhub for managing their projects.


PSOhub has proven to be an invaluable asset for EnableNow, providing them with a reliable solution for time registration and operational management. As they continue to grow and expand their business, PSOhub stands ready to support their evolving needs and contribute to their success. The team at EnableNow expressed satisfaction with PSOhub, acknowledging its effectiveness in addressing their needs and facilitating their operations.

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