September 5-8, 2023.


PSOhub is the only All-in-One Project Management solution built for HubSpot users. 

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inbund 2023

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VP of HubSpot Ecosystem Product Group on PSOhub

Why HubSpot ❤️ PSOhub

During INBOUND 2020 Nancy Riley, GM & VP of Ecosytem Product Group, promoted 5 integrations to help you grow better through anything. PSOhub was one of these apps. Nancy explained: “PSOhub is particularly useful for project managers who can clearly see what projects are on track and where they need to focus efforts to get straggling projects BACK on track.

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PSOhub ♥s HubSpot

Our two-way integration with HubSpot creates a seamless experience. Preserve important deal information, improve the handoff between sales and project management, and keep track of your time spent on each client from within the HubSpot activity feed.

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