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Case study:

As an It-services company, Vanguard consults companies with automating their business processes and provides software solutions.

"I am managing director of business solutions and consultings. We are in the service industries and I will rate 9 out of 10 for PSOhub."

Managing Director, Vanguard

What business problems are you solving with PSOhub?

It helped us to plan, collaborate and monitor our customer projects and resources in one place with holistic view. 


What do you like best about PSOhub?

PSOhub has a very friendly interface that our employees can easily use and adopt.

What do you dislike?

I would say reporting. If you need a very comprehensive reporting, you will need to connect with reporting tools like Power BI or Excel. 


What recommendations do you have for others considering PSOhub?

I would recommend that you try it before you use it. You've got a trial period so you can use it for free. I would strongly recommend you to try it with all your use case scenario. And, when you implement it, try to adopt the best practice within PSOhub. So, I think in that case, your success and your adoption rate will be high.

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